Outdoor Dining With Simple To-Go Picnic Recipes

Outdoor Dining With Simple To-Go Picnic Recipes

Enjoy outdoor dining across Canada with simple to-go picnic recipes, from Thanksgiving dinners to family reunions.

Canadians love nature, and eating in the great outdoors is a wonderful way to enjoy fresh air and greenery with family and friends. Across Canada, outdoor dining – with delicious homemade food – is a growing trend. 
Whether you’re sharing Thanksgiving dinner outdoors, picnicking at a backyard family reunion, hiking and snacking in local parks, or feasting with friends around your outdoor dining table any time of the year, portable, flavourful dishes are a must-have. Picnic recipes with local ingredients and great spices and seasonings elevate eating outside together to new heights. 
From memorable holiday meals to casual alfresco dining, let’s discover what Canadians want most from their outdoor dining experiences. We’ve got the easy to-go picnic recipes you need to do it up right! 

Eating Outdoors: By The Numbers 

Ever dreamed about having an outdoor Thanksgiving? You’re not alone. According to a recent Club House Thanksgiving survey, 24 percent of Canadians would consider bringing a turkey leg to-go. And 37 percent would look at using strictly local ingredients for their Thanksgiving meal. 
In addition, 60 percent of Canadians said small meals are the way to go with outdoor activities. An impressive 76 percent revealed that ease of eating – without sacrificing flavour – is a top priority when eating on the go. 


Top 5 To-Go Friendly Recipes For Outdoor Dining 


1. Classic Pumpkin Pie-Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Made pumpkin pie or carved a pumpkin recently? Put those pumpkin seeds to good use! This seasonal, portable snack delivers protein, antioxidants, and yummy flavour. 


2. Central Canada’s Maple Apple Granola 

Nothing says Canada like maple flavour. And when you add Ground Ginger and Ground Cinnamon to chopped walnuts, dried apples, and granola, you’ve got the makings of a perfect Canadian to-go breakfast. 


3. Ultimate Turkey Leftover Sandwich 

You’ll enjoy stuffing yourself with these roast turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and baby spinach leaves, whether you’re hiking to a waterfall or relaxing around a backyard picnic table. 


4. Portable Stuffing Muffins

Jazz up your next outdoor meal with these scrumptious muffins. Bringing pork sausage, chopped apples, celery, and cranberries together is a breath of fresh air. Ground Sage and Garlic Powder spice up this ultra-shareable recipe. It’s just as delicious for vegetarian diners when you substitute plant-based sausage or other vegetarian-friendly ingredients as specified. Either way, it’s an easy take-along leftover! 


5. Very Vanilla Marshmallows 

Num num! Our homemade marshmallows gain their tempting taste from Pure Vanilla Extract. Enjoy as-is, or roast the marshmallows outdoors over a campfire with family and friends. 


Portable Dessert Recipes With Fruit And Nuts 


It’s fun to eat tasty desserts outdoors with people you care about. Let’s check out some portable desserts with fruit and nuts! 
If you’re out on a long afternoon walk, photographing colourful fall foliage, boost your energy with Tropical Twist Energy Balls. Reward your group with Nutty Almond Crownies or Toffee Pecan Cookie Bars when you reach a magnificent lookout point. 
Find a bench by a local lake, pour some hot tea from a thermos, and munch on Currant Scones or Irish Soda Bread Scones with Honey and Nutmeg
During the holidays, enjoy backyard sunshine with Cranberry Muffins or Coconut Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Tasty Dips and Spreads for Outdoor Dining 

When you make veggie sticks for outdoor snacking, they taste even better with local, organic, seasonal vegetables. And all year round, mouthwatering dips and spreads enhance crackers, pretzels, and other snacks consumed in the great outdoors. 
Creamy Turmeric Dip and Citrus Herb & Basil Seed Yogurt Dip are easy-to-make choices, both featuring Sea Salt Grinder. Relish rich flavours beyond the dining room with Champagne Cheddar Spread or Eggplant Dipping Sauce

Enjoy Snack Mix Recipes In The Great Outdoors 



Whether you’re taking a long bike ride with your friends or viewing local wildlife with your kids, portable snacks are essential. Add some zesty snack mix to your next outing with Cajun Puffed Lotus Seed Snack Mix or Taco Snack Mix


More Delicious To-Go Recipe Ideas 

Seeking more recipes for holiday and year-round outdoor dining options? Check out the fabulous Club House selection of snacks, appetizers, portable lunches, power bowls, and more!  

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