The Power Bowls Mealtime Dreams Are Made Of

The Power Bowls Mealtime Dreams Are Made Of


The Power Bowlsealtimereams Areade Of

Load up on earthy grains, colourful veggies, vibrant greens and irresistible dressings … the combinations are endless when it comes to homemade power bowls. Make enough for leftovers, and tomorrow’s lunch will be ready before you’ve even sat down for tonight’s dinner.

Ultra-portable and adaptable, power bowls are the easiest way to get creative in the kitchen. They work with any combination of toppings, so you can create unlimited recipes that incorporate your favourite flavours and textures for dozens (or hundreds!) of unique and delicious meals.

Read on to learn everything you need to know to invent your own power bowls — and get some inspiration from our top recipes.

Pick a Base

From brown and wild rice to couscous, quinoa and more, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to your base bowl ingredient.

Brown Rice or Quinoa

What is quinoa? Although known as one of the most popular grains, quinoa, which belongs to the amaranth family and is native to the Andes Mountains in South America, is actually a seed! While both quinoa and brown rice have a relatively mild taste, they work with flavours from a wide range of cuisines, making them great "starter" grains for your bowl.

Amaranth or Teff

However, they’re not your only options. Alternative grains like amaranth and teff can switch up the texture of your bowl without significantly altering its taste - an excellent option if you’re trying to introduce new foods to picky eaters.

Brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, and teff are all gluten-free grains so they're great options if you have dietary restrictions.

Wheat Berries, Whole Wheat Kernels or Freekeh

Take your base to the next level with some bolder options: wheat berries, or whole wheat kernels, have a toasty nutty flavour, while freekeh — made from roasted, wheat grains — infuses your bowl with a pleasant smokiness. Heirloom rice varieties, like red or black, also amp up the texture without straying too far from a traditional rice bowl.


You’ve probably heard of farro, another grain often mentioned with quinoa. What is farro? Farro is a type of wheat (so it’s not gluten-free) that looks very similar to brown rice (with a slightly nuttier taste) and refers to a variety of wheat species. One of the oldest grains – going back to ancient Roman times – farro is another great way to start off the base of your power bowl.

How to Make Grains Taste Better

While veggies and protein typically take center stage in a power bowl (more on those in a sec!), there’s no reason the grains themselves shouldn’t taste amazing. If you’ve ever wondered how to make quinoa taste better (or even plain rice), try toasting your grains in oil before you cook them. Toasting brings out a roasted earthiness in the grains, which makes for a better-tasting, heartier bowl.

Seasoning is crucial, too. Add some unsalted chicken or vegetable stock to the cooking water, along with a dash of turmeric or ginger to season your grains as they cook.

Looking to branch out and take your flavours up a notch? Try a seasoning blend that gives you the flavour of several spices in one bottle. Try a dash of taco seasoning for Mexican-flavoured grains or use chili seasoning if you’re craving a quick kick of bold taste.

Pick the Perfect Protein

Protein helps give your grain bowl staying power, so you’ll stay full for hours after your meal. And you can use virtually any meat or meat alternative to pack in some protein. Some topping ideas include chopped grilled chicken with smokehouse flavouring or perfectly seasoned sliced steak. Chickpeas are another perfect way to add protein into your grain bowls – these roasted chickpeas add a welcome crunch to the bowl texture, along with a punch of paprika.

Almost any protein-packed leftovers will work great here, so use your imagination to create a one-of-a-kind lunch.

Add Flavour with Vegetables

No grain bowl is complete without veggies, and you’ll get the best mix of satisfying crunch and toasty flavour if you use both raw and cooked produce. Whip up a batch of roasted or grilled vegetables, like turmeric cauliflower and tomatoes, to use in your bowls throughout the week. Then add chopped cucumber, tomato, shredded carrot, crunchy cabbage, creamy avocado or sliced scallion — whatever you’re in the mood for! Grain bowls are 100% customizable – so feel free to add in whatever satisfies your taste buds.

Inspired Recipes 

Moroccan Power Bowl:

Great for dinner or as a pack-and-go lunch, this meatless main is made with Moroccan-inspired flavours and ingredients, including couscous, almonds and our tasty, spiced Moroccan Power Bowl Seasoning Mix.

Argentine Power Bowl:

This hearty main dish features an irresistible selection of South American-inspired flavours and ingredients, including steak and avocado. Whether enjoyed as lunch or served for dinner, all the seasonings you need are combined and ready to use in our Argentine Power Bowl Seasoning Mix. Delicioso!

Greek Power Bowl:

This hearty twist on a traditional Greek salad includes nutty-tasting quinoa and peppery baby arugula. Our Greek Power Bowl Seasoning Mix includes all the authentic flavour you need to make this meal-in-a-bowl sing! If preferred, swap out the chicken for cooked shrimp, or keep it meatless by omitting the meat.

Chipotle Chickpea Sweet Potato Power Bowl:

This colourful, meatless main is packed with protein and will satisfy even the heartiest of appetites. Chunks of salty feta cheese balance out the sweet vinaigrette and chipotle heat.

Roast Beef Cobb Salad:

A classic salad of cheese, hard-cooked eggs, avocado and chives. We’ve kicked it up with an additional protein boost of quinoa, pistachios and deli-sliced roast beef. 

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