11 Easy Summer Picnic Recipes

11 Easy Summer Picnic Recipes

Bring your blanket, your food, and your family to enjoy the warm weather.

Summer's here, and it's the perfect time to make use of the yard or a local park with a picnic. Bring your blanket, your food and your family to enjoy the warm weather.
Eating outside under the trees means that you're already eating in style, but what really matters is the food to bring to a picnic. Here are some easy picnic recipes that will delight your family and any other guests that you have along for the summer. 

Must Try Picnic Food Recipes For The Summer

Picnic Mains To Serve

The mains should be the first thing on your picnic food list. Start off with a Fried Chicken in Sweet Chili Lime Sauce. These sweet, spicy snacks combine lime and Roasted Red Chili Paste in a marinade with bite. Fried chicken is a perfect addition to your picnic.
For another holdable treat, check out our Chicken Spring Rolls picnic recipe. This comes with a lime and carrot dipping sauce that's best made ahead and left to gather flavour. You can make the rolls ahead of time too, making this cold picnic food a time-saving treat on the day.


For something more substantial, turn to our Chipotle Cinnamon Baby Back Ribs. They're time savers too, because you can bake them a day in advance and then put them on the grill for a few minutes before serving. The cinnamon, sea salt, and Chili Pepper Chipotle make these juicy baby back ribs sing. 

Salad Recipes For Your Picnic

Meat need not be the featured ingredient in every summer picnic meal. This is where salads shine. This Quinoa Salad features sweet balsamic vinegar, green onion, and pearl bocconcini cheese, with a taste boost from our Salad Herbs


Complement this with a Warm Peruvian Potato Salad. It is spiced with some Peruvian Amarillo Chili Pepper, making this picnic food warm in more ways than one.   


Summer Picnic Favorites - Slaw

What picnic would be complete without slaw and something tasty to put it on? These Pigeon Pea Tacos Al Pastor with Coconut Lime Slaw blend cilantro, coconut, honey, and lime to create a sensational slaw. It won't outshine these tacos, though; they mix oregano, cumin, paprika, and garlic flavours to create a memorable vegetarian taco picnic recipe. 

Picnic Snacks To Nibble

The best picnics have nibbles for variety, and yours should be no exception. These Gluten-Free Harissa Cheddar Crackers are made from scratch but still only take 45 minutes. Our Harissa gives them a spicy bite that combines perfectly with the tang from shredded old cheddar. 


Complement these crackers with some Zesty Lemon Kale Chips. All it takes is a little oil with some McCormick seasoning, and this healthy snack will be ready in five minutes. 


Picnic Drinks To Cool You Down

A summer picnic requires a refreshing drink, and the more eye-catching the better. Try our Grapefruit Basil Kombucha Mocktail with Butterfly Pea Flower Shaved Ice recipe for the ultimate summer picnic refresher. It looks stunning but can be in a glass in ten minutes flat - which is just as well, because you'll probably find yourself making more.


This Fizz n Fruit Energizer is a unique drink that mixes cayenne pepper with some hidden fruits for a non-alcoholic drink that still has a little kick. 



Picnic Desserts For Sweet Treats  

After everyone has savoured your mains, salads, slaw, and nibbles, don't forget dessert. We recommend these Dark Chocolate and Cranberry Amaranth Bars, which blend sea salt, honey, and dark chocolate with our Organic Cinnamon Saigon for a unique, complex dessert bar layered with flavours. 


The only problem you might have with this collection of picnic food ideas is fitting them all on your blanket. You'd best bring two. Don't worry though; by the time your guests are through with these, there won't be a crumb left of this easy picnic food. 

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