Sweeten Up Snacks with Honey!

Sweeten Up Snacks with Honey!

Simple honey-drizzled recipes will naturally sweeten up your everyday.

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Sometimes getting excited about snack time can be tiresome but a little drizzle of honey can add a touch of sweet!

It can be difficult to get creative with every day meals, let alone daily snacks for your kids or for the office. If you’re short on time and ideas but want to add variety and a little bit of sweet to your snacks, check out our suggestions for delicious honey drizzled treats.

Honey & Goat Cheese on Crackers

Honey can be a great addition to any charcuterie or cheese board. We especially love Billy Bee Liquid Honey drizzled over goat cheese. Simply spread goat cheese on your choice of cracker and top with honey—easy and delicious! For an added layer of flavour, try slicing apple or pear as a topper.

Creamed Honey

Billy Bee Creamed Honey is great as a spread as it is by the spoonful. For an even tastier treat, add a sprinkle of Club House Ground Cinnamon. What better way to start the morning than with a bagel toasted with a little sweetness!

Honey-Glazed Brie

Drizzling honey on brie is a party favourite. Simply spread honey over the top of brie and enjoy as is, bake it or add some more toppings! Crushed pecans add crunch to the cheese’s smooth texture.

Crunchy Honey Yogurt Parfait

Honey is perfect in the morning but this recipe is also a great afternoon pick-me-up! Creamy yogurt, crunchy granola and a touch of honey. Need we say more?

Honey-Dipped Pops

Anything in popsicle form is tasty! Place your fruit of choice (we find bananas work best) on a popsicle stick or wooden skewer and drizzle honey over the fruit. Once it’s fully coated, roll it in any toppings you want! We recommend crushed nuts, coconut flakes or turn it into a sweet dessert by rolling it in chocolate chips. For a sweet summer treat, place the pops in the freezer for an hour and enjoy this sweet cool down.

There you have it; five simple, yummy ways to shake up your everyday meals and make your day a little sweeter. We hope you enjoy these suggestions and use them to mix up you’re daily snack routine! 

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