Camping made easy

Camping made easy

Try these summer drink recipes to put a little excitement in your glass like lemonade, slushies, smoothies, teas & more.

There's a reason that Canadians love the great outdoors. It has some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world, from vast lakes and forests to stunning prairie skies and giant, jagged mountains. It's no wonder folks north of the 49th parallel like to get out into nature. 

Camping out in the Rockies or by the Great Lakes doesn't mean sacrificing good food. Here at McCormick, we firmly believe in eating well, wherever you are. Creating some spectacular camping dinners just takes a little planning (and enjoying them might require some mosquito spray). Kick it up a notch and enjoy the great wide-open with these easy-to-make camping meal ideas that offer simple ingredients but spectacular flavours. Glamping, here we come! 

Easy Camping Meals

1. Hot Dogs

Let's start with some good camping food that no one should be without: hot dogs. You can make this camping recipe two ways, either roasting them on sticks over the fire or boiling them in water as with this Classic French’s Hot Dog recipe. Whatever you do, though, don't forget the mustard and ketchup that makes a hot dog heaven in a bun.


2. Steak

For many, a campfire or campsite BBQ isn't complete without some more substantial meat on the grill. This Piri Piri Steak can marinate in the cold box while you're driving and be ready for grilling after you set up. 


3. Grilled Chicken

If you're looking for some easy camping recipes, then check out this Smokehouse Maple Grilled Chicken. Our Smokehouse Maple Flavoured Wet Rub makes this a quick win. The chicken is ready to put on the grill as soon as you brush the wet rub on. Simpler still is this Quick Italian Chicken dish, which uses our Salt-Free Garlic & Herb for a simple grilled delight that can be on a paper plate by the campfire in 30 minutes.


4. Grilled Potato

You'll want a side dish worthy of these fancy camping meals. Some La Grille Barbecue Chicken Seasoning will take these Grilled Potato Kabobs to the next level. Boil them instead of microwaving to make them tender for the campfire grill. Alternatively, bake a potato with the aid of some foil and enjoy it topped with Maple Bacon Loaded Sour Cream.


One-Pot Camping Meals

1. Skillet & Bag Meals

One-pot camping meals come in many forms, including this Tex-Mex Chicken & Vegetables dish that you can serve straight from the skillet. All you need after that is a bowl and a fork. Or, if you prefer seafood, try cooking your supper in a bag courtesy of this Lemon Herb Fish Bundles recipe.

2. Vegetarian Camping Food Idea

Vegetarians and vegans in your group needn't feel left out. Some of the best camping meals are plant-based, including this Grilled Portobello Mushroom Panini, which uses our Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning and some balsamic vinegar to make those mushrooms sing. 

3. Camping Snacks

Here's the secret to great camping meals: You don't have to cook everything on the day you arrive. Make-ahead camping snacks let you kick back by the campfire and relax, or focus on the main course. Irish Soda Bread Scones with Honey and Nutmeg makes a great nibble after a long hike. Or, bring some of this Double Banana Bread along on your trip for a tasty, stress-free dessert. 

4. Camping Breakfast Idea

At some point, it'll be time to come home and get back to everyday life. But don't pack up before one final breakfast. Here's a Breakfast Burger recipe to set you up for the road.

A trip into nature can be as fancy as you like with these recipe ideas from McCormick. Simple ingredients, including flavour-packed spices and rubs, can give you a restaurant experience under a canopy of stars. Make your camping trip extra special this summer. Just make sure to leave Canada's stunning terrain exactly as you found it.    


More Camping Recipes To Try   

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