10 Delicious Leftover Chicken Recipes

10 Delicious Leftover Chicken Recipes


We’ve all been guilty of letting food go bad in the fridge from time to time. But cutting down on food waste doesn’t just benefit the planet, it’s also great for your budget and for getting more from each grocery trip – a definite plus during the pandemic.

The easiest way to start reducing food waste is to find ways to use up common perishables, like veggies and meat. But if you’re not sure what to do with leftover chicken, no worries! We’ve got 10 amazing leftover chicken recipe ideas to satisfy any craving.

What To Do With Leftover Chicken


1. Wrap Up Chicken Leftovers For Lunch

Leftover chicken breast becomes the base for a delicious lunch when turned into a wrap. And these Montreal Grilled Chicken Wraps taste so good, you’ll find yourself grilling extra chicken just make them. Our recipe calls for lettuce and tomatoes, but feel free to use any produce lingering in your fridge.



2. Snack On Chicken Spring Rolls

Want a snack and can’t choose between sweet, salty and crunchy? Try this leftover chicken recipe to up Maple Marinated Chicken Spring Rolls. A Smokehouse Maple Flavoured Wet Rub adds sweet and smoky flavour in an instant, and puts a Canadian twist on an Asian-inspired classic.



3. Serve Up Leftover-Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are a fantastic way to use up meat and veggies, and these Stuffed Peppers with Paprika-Infused Quinoa, Chicken and Kale transform leftover chicken into an unforgettable meal. Make this leftover-friendly by swapping out the grains and veggies as needed. Brown rice, amaranth and spinach and arugula all work in this recipe too.



4. Go Comforting With Chicken Soup

Seeking a cozy night in? Try a leftover rotisserie chicken recipe, like this Classic Chicken Noodle Soup. It has all the ingredients you love – hearty egg noodles, savoury carrots and onions and, of course, shredded chicken – for a satisfying (and easily re-heatable) meal.



5. Use Leftover Food on Taco Tuesday

Fresh toppings breathe new life into leftover food, and these Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Tacos make for a refreshing weeknight meal. Garnished with a juicy mango, red pepper and cilantro salsa, these tacos taste bright and fresh, you’d never know they’re made from leftovers. They also work with leftover pork, beef or fish, so make ‘em with whatever meat you have on hand.



6. Upgrade Pasta with Leftover Chicken

Chicken, pasta and cheese? Yes, please! Next time you’ve got leftovers, try this almost-magical Chicken Bruschetta Pasta. It’s seasoned with basil and oregano for all the Italian-inspired flavour you love, plus bite-size mozzarella balls to make it satisfyingly cheesy.



7. Make A Next-Level Leftover Sandwiches

If you’ve got leftovers but you’re sick of standard chicken salad, try this Vietnamese-inspired twist, instead. Bahn mi is a staple street food in Vietnam, and the chili-marinated chicken and pickled veggies in our Chili Chicken Banh Mi will have you looking forward to lunchtime.



8. Spice It Up with Salsa

Got a few chicken breasts sitting in your fridge? This taco-spiced Salsa Chicken is the perfect recipe to use it up. With just 5 ingredients (including the cooking oil!) and a 15 minute prep time, it’ll become your go-to on nights you have almost no time to cook.



9. Liven Up Chicken Leftovers With Marinade

Sometimes, all you need to spice up leftover chicken is a splash of sauce. And we humbly recommend Montreal Chicken Marinade as a spicy, savoury option. Simply combine vinegar, oil and Montreal Chicken Seasoning, then throw it on the grill to add pleasant smokiness.



10. Sauté A Leftover Chicken Stir Fry

Quick, easy and versatile, stir fries are one of our favourite dinners, and they’re also a prime use for leftovers. This Sesame Chicken Stir Fry with Snow Peas and Crushed Grilled Peanuts layers so many flavours and textures – smoky grilled peanuts, fresh and crunchy veggies, juicy chicken and comforting noodles – it’ll become a staple in your kitchen.

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