Introducing McCormick Gourmet Minis

Introducing McCormick Gourmet Minis

Take a round-the-world culinary journey in the comfort of your own kitchen. 


With our six new conveniently packaged spice and seasoning blends, it’s a cinch to add great taste and lively flavours to a wide array of dishes, from comfort food favourites to company-worthy treats. Each sealed 10 g or 15 g package is perfectly sized to be enough for one or two family-sized meals – depending on what you choose to create! Here’s a closer look at these exceptional seasonings and how best to use them.

Sambel Oelek: A classic, fiery Indonesian seasoning with flavours of ground cayenne chilies shining through, along withsweet and tangy notes. Use to flavour curries, including traditional Renang beef or lamb curry and sprinkle on chicken or pork satays. Also use to add punchy great flavour to tomato-based pasta dishes, frittatas, burgers and noodle bowls.

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