10 Christmas Cookie Recipes For The Holiday Season

10 Christmas Cookie Recipes For The Holiday Season

Christmas cookies never go out of style. After all, who doesn’t love a big plate of freshly baked cookies? Christmas cookies taste even better when you’re sharing them with family and friends during the holiday season. 


From Christmas gingerbread cookies to Christmas chocolate chip cookies, there are so many easy holiday cookies you can bake at home. You can have even more fun in the spirit of the season by adding red cookie icing and green cookie icing to some of these Christmas cookie recipes, or by making cinnamon ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. 


Right now, let’s check out 10 Christmas cookie recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth over the holidays – but also taste great all year round! 

Special Christmas Cookie Recipes 


1. Spiced Holiday Sugar Cookies

Talk about fun for the whole family! Featuring Ground Cinnamon and Ground Nutmeg, these tasty holiday sugar cookies take on a special seasonal flair when you add our Food Colour Preparation in the colours of your choice. To change up flavours, try substituting Pure Almond Extract or Pure Lemon Extract.


2. Double Chocolate Chunk Mint Cookies

Christmas cookies don’t get much more decadent than these double chocolate chunk mint cookies. With Pure Mint & Peppermint Extract, you get a cool rush that’s as delicious as going sledding on a crisp winter night. 


Christmas Gingerbread Cookie Recipes


3. Gingerbread Men Cookies

Fun fact: in 1905, a Christmas-themed musical called The Gingerbread Man debuted on Broadway in New York. You’ll feel like singing after you bite into our scrumptious Christmas gingerbread men cookies. For variety, decorate them with raisins or powdered sugar. 


4. Almond Gingerbread Cookies 

This recipe yields 30 holiday cookies, topped with sliced almonds. They make a fabulous snacking option over the Christmas season. Store the almond gingerbread cookies in an airtight container for up to five days – although your resident cookie monsters might polish them off quicker than that! 


5. White Chocolate Kissed Gingerbread Cookies

Whether or not you’re into kissing under the mistletoe, you’ll find yourself licking your lips when you smell these Christmas gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. Each cookie sports a swirled, kiss-shaped chocolate candy. Drizzle the cookies with melted chocolate for even more sweet goodness. 


Holiday Cookie Recipes With Fruit 

6. Pumpkin Pie Cookies

Cookies that incorporate pumpkin pie are a must-have for anyone who loves devouring pumpkin treats right from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Use a cookie cutter and small knife to create your own seasonal design. The oh-so-good filling blends canned pumpkin with brown sugar and heavy cream. Pumpkin Pie Spice is the ideal finishing touch. 


7. Maple Walnut Shortbread Cookies

In Canada, it feels fitting to put maple goodness into Christmas cookies. Quebec produces the most maple syrup in Canada. A famous Ontario hockey team’s name includes the word “maple.” And wherever you happen to be over the Christmas season, the droolworthy combo of shortbread and walnuts, plus zero-calorie Imitation Maple Extract, is a winner. 


8. Coconut Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

Dreaming of a warm-weather vacation with swaying coconut palms over the holidays? Making these ultra-satisfying oatmeal cookies might be your next best bet. With flaked coconut, festive dried cherries, and white chocolate chips, they’ve got something for everyone.


More Delicious Holiday Cookie Recipes 

9. Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since medieval times, cinnamon has been a key ingredient in Christmas goodies from fruitcake to mulled wine. Featuring Ground Cinnamon, these rich chocolate chip cookies could easily become one of your go-to Christmas cookie recipes. 


10. Banana Bread Oatmeal Cookies

Whether your favourite Christmas cookie recipes often involve bananas or you just want to use up bananas that are going brown, banana bread oatmeal cookies hit the spot. Or perhaps you’re in need of Hannukah cookies or seeking a different way to celebrate the winter solstice. These cookies are here to help! You can’t go wrong when the cookies taste so right.


More Baking Recipes To Try


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