7 Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes You Can Make Tonight

7 Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes You Can Make Tonight

From baked chicken breast recipes to chicken pad thai recipes, you've got to try these easy chicken dinners.

For many Canadians, just hearing the words “chicken dinner” is enough to get your mouth watering. And for an easy weeknight dinner or a family Sunday dinner, chicken recipes are the way to go. There’s an endless variety of easy chicken dinner recipes you can make at home. 
From chicken breast recipes to chicken pad thai recipes to chicken and rice recipes, there’s truly something for everyone. When you dish up a new chicken parmesan recipe or lemon chicken recipe for the first time and see the smiles on everyone’s faces around the table, you know you’ve got a winner.
Better still, chicken is also a great source of protein! You can mix it up with different spices and seasonings as you discover more chicken recipes. 
Let’s get cooking with 7 easy chicken dinner recipes you can make tonight!

Chicken Breast Recipes You’re Sure to Love


1.) Quick Italian Chicken

This is one of the easiest chicken breast recipes you’ll ever make. With just four ingredients, it’s ready to serve in half an hour. Our signature Salt Free Garlic and Herb blend takes those grilled chicken breasts to the next level. For anyone who loves Italian food, this chicken recipe is an ideal main course for a quick weeknight dinner. 



2.) Easy Chicken Pad Thai

If you’re relatively new to making Thai recipes or other dishes inspired by Asian food, this delicious chicken pad thai recipe is a great introduction. Our version of the classic Thai dish features Original Pad Thai Sauce and Stir-Fry Rice Noodles. Laden with chopped peanuts, bean sprouts, and green onions, this chicken recipe is as pleasing to the eyes as to the taste buds. For a vegetarian alternative, you can simply replace the chicken with tofu or sliced veggies. 


Sheet Pan Chicken Is a Winning Choice


3.) Sheet Pan Chicken Parmesan

When you’re too busy to go to a restaurant and order Chicken Parm, you can prepare an amazing chicken parmesan recipe at home in less than half an hour. This easy sheet pan chicken recipe, loaded with broccoli florets, gets its classic flavours from our One Sheet Pan Chicken Parmesan seasoning mix. Sandwich lovers can serve up the baked chicken breasts in hoagies or subs. 



4.) Farmer’s Market Chicken & Vegetables 

This wonderful sheet pan chicken recipe is sure to become a family favourite. It’s all about our One Sheet Pan Farmer’s Market seasoning mix, which features notes of onions, red bell peppers, and assorted herbs. Just the aroma wafting from your oven will get you salivating. This is a tasty and nutritious dish that also offers easy clean-up after quick weeknight dinners. 


From Lemon Chicken to Chicken and Rice


5.) Very Lemon Roast Chicken

If you can’t get enough citrusy goodness and love chicken breast recipes, this lemon chicken recipe is made for you. The combination of fresh lemon juice and our Lemon and Herbs signature blend is what takes it over the top. Grab your skillet, heat it up, and get your lemon chicken fix! 



6.) Salsa Chicken

You’ve never tasted skillet-cooked chicken tenders like this before. With apricot preserves, diced tomatoes, and Organic Taco Seasoning Mix, this is one sweet and spicy feast. Dish up this chicken recipe with a hearty serving of rice and black beans.



7.) Fiesta Chicken and Rice

This hearty chicken and rice recipe – powered by Chili Seasoning Mix – is as filling as it is delicious. Brimming with corn and tomato sauce and seasoned with Parsley Flakes, it’s an easy one-pot meal that the whole family can enjoy over and over again. 


Try More Of Our Favourite Chicken Recipes

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