10 Christmas Breakfast Ideas For The Holiday Season

10 Christmas Breakfast Ideas For The Holiday Season

Looking for some tasty Christmas breakfast ideas? Whether your favourite Christmas carol is “Joy to the World” or “Silent Night,” serving delicious breakfasts during the holidays is a great way to get everybody gabbing joyfully or munching with silent contentment. Start your day off right! 
From Christmas pancakes and waffles to Christmas breakfast casseroles and breakfast bowls, the choices are endless. One day, you can breakfast on sweet treats, and another day, you can enjoy a change of pace from holiday indulgence. 
Let’s discover 10 Christmas breakfast ideas that will delight choosy kids, visiting family members, and old friends alike. 

Christmas Pancakes, Waffles And French Toast 


1. Gingerbread Men Pancakes

Made with Ground Ginger, molasses, and brown sugar, our cute gingerbread men pancakes are as much fun to taste as they are to admire as part of a great Christmas morning breakfast. Enjoy these Christmas pancakes with maple syrup or jam. For another easy festive breakfast, try Red Velvet Pancakes



2. Christmas Tree Waffles

This Christmas breakfast recipe is ideal for fun-loving children. Featuring Green Food Colouring, Pure Vanilla Extract, and chocolate candies as edible “ornaments,” our yummy Christmas tree waffles just might encourage the kids to play with their food as much as their new toys! This could also spark an “O Christmas Tree” sing-along around the Christmas breakfast table. 



3. Gingerbread Men Cookies

The Christmas holidays are a busy time! Happily, you can save time by mixing and refrigerating the ingredients for this French toast recipe overnight – before delighting everybody in the morning with a heavenly scent that includes apples, dried cranberries, and Ground Cinnamon.  


Christmas Breakfast Casseroles



4. Overnight Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Hungry for a decadent Christmas breakfast casserole? Baked golden brown and topped with rich cream cheese frosting, our cinnamon roll casserole delivers the goods. This 12-egg recipe makes 12 hearty servings. 



5. Country Breakfast Casserole

Original Country Gravy Mix and Paprika spice up this satisfying Christmas breakfast casserole, loaded with breakfast sausage and cheddar cheese. Love to experiment with seasonings? Explore our great selection of herbs and spices to change up the flavour profile.


Christmas Breakfast Ideas With Eggs 



6. Avocado Eggs Benedict

The morning after a lively Christmas party, Eggs Benedict is one of the best Christmas breakfast ideas to get you refueled for a new day. With sliced avocado, tomatoes, and Hollandaise Sauce Mix atop toasted English muffins, this recipe also makes great brunch food all year round.



7. Sausage and Egg Breakfast Bowl

If you’re hungry for oatmeal and sausages in the morning, this Christmas breakfast recipe provides the best of both worlds. Incorporating spinach leaves and shredded cheddar cheese, it adds up to one hearty holiday feast. For vegetarian diners or just for variety, try substituting meatless ham or bacon. 



8. Savoury Greek Scrambled Egg Breakfast Bowl

Classic Greek Christmas traditions run the gamut from illuminated boats to honey cookies. You can enjoy a taste of Greece’s goodness yourself with this beautiful scrambled egg breakfast bowl, laden with sliced red pepper, black olives, feta cheese, and much more. One Bowl Greek Seasoning Mix adds all the zest you’re craving. 


More Tasty Christmas Breakfast Ideas 


9. Quinoa Berry Breakfast Bowls

Seeking some better-for-you fruit and protein to kickstart your next holiday breakfast? With blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts atop well-cooked quinoa, these festive breakfast bowls are calling your name. They feature Cinnamon Seasoning with Chia, Liquid Honey Bee, and Sea Salt Grinder



10. Maple Bacon English Style Breakfast Sausage

Sometimes you just want a traditional Christmas breakfast. And in Canada, what’s more traditional than maple and bacon flavours? This excellent English style breakfast sausage goes nicely with many other Christmas breakfast ideas. 


More Christmas Breakfast Ideas To Try  

See all of our favorite breakfast recipes.  

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