Try These Easy Seafood Recipes This Summer

Try These Easy Seafood Recipes This Summer

If you like seafood meals, then Canada is the place to be. Here are some easy seafood recipes that will delight the family and have them coming back for more.


If you like seafood meals, then Canada is the place to be. It has the Atlantic on one side and the Pacific on the other, which gives it access to a lot of fresh seafood. From shrimp to salmon and halibut to herring, Canadians have a wide range of seafood dishes to choose from.

Summer is the perfect season to try seafood recipes that are lighter than heavy meat meals. Here are some easy seafood recipes that will delight the family and have them coming back for more. 

Must Try Seafood Recipes


Shrimp is the seafood of choice in this Seafood Alfredo recipe, which uses our Alfredo Sauce Mix to bring extra flavour to a classic Italian dish. Shave some big flakes of parmesan over this for a salty, tangy seafood dinner that you won't easily forget.



Alternatively, take a trip 1800 miles west to enjoy shrimp Morocco style. This Spiced Couscous with Shrimp and Chermoula is packed with North African flavours, courtesy of cumin, cinnamon, tumeric, and honey. Chermoula is a classic regional relish usually paired with seafood, and it will give you a new perspective on the humble shrimp.

Morocco also gave us this irresistible-looking Spiced Seafood Stew. It mixes shrimp with scallops and mussels in a saffron-infused tomato stock. Serve with some couscous it you want to bulk it out. 


Seafood Salad Recipe Ideas 

Seafood doesn't have to be served hot. Some of the best seafood meals come in warm or cold salads, which are perfect for those hot summer months. Check out this Orzo Shrimp Salad for a great seafood dinner that will go well with a crisp glass of white on the deck.

For something a little lighter, this Southwest Shrimp Cocktail with Avocados uses our Southwest Chipotle to give a small appetizer some big flavours. And who knew that mayo and French's ketchup could combine to put such class in a glass? 



Salmon Recipe Ideas

Canada is best known for one of its finest exports: salmon. This pink fish is packed with protein. Whether you eat it smoked, candied, or grilled on a cedar plank, it's a quintessential Canadian dish.


Delight the family with a Savoury Crusted Salmon. All this baked dish takes is a little Everything bagel with sesame seed and onion seasoning and some honey to create a memorable coating that will take this simple fish to the next level. It can be on your plate in 25 minutes.

For another treat, try our Roasted Garlic & Pepper Baked Salmon recipe. It blends lemon, oil, and our signature Roasted Garlic & Peppers seasoning for a family meal. The lemon infuses the salmon and also looks great on your plate. For a variation on this theme, check out the spicy, tangy notes in our Garlic and herb with black pepper and sea salt. It's the perfect accompaniment to salmon in this Lemon and Herb Baked Fish seafood dinner. 

Halibut Recipe Ideas

Halibut is another dish commonly found in Canadian restaurants. This meaty fish almost has a chicken-like texture, which means that it stands up well to the grill. So we couldn't write about seafood without showing you this Grilled Halibut with Pineapple recipe. The pineapple works with our Ginger Teriyaki Seafood Marinade to create strong sweet flavours in this Asian-themed seafood recipe.


Ready To Cook Seafood? 

These summer seafood dishes will be a welcome change from heavy meaty meals. Just remember that lots of folks love seafood and there's only so much to go around. You can buy sustainable seafood with eco-labels from organizations such as Ocean Wise, the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC). Every purchase has an environmental impact, but these seals of approval will help you enjoy summer seafood recipes while doing your part to protect the seafood supply. 

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