Not your average burger! Grill these 10 upgraded burgers to grill all summer long

Not your average burger! Grill these 10 upgraded burgers to grill all summer long


There’s nothing better than enjoying BBQ burgers on a breezy summer night. And if you’re looking for more recipes to help you keep things feeling fresh all summer long, you’ve come to the right place. 

These 10 burger recipes run the gamut from classic to kid-friendly to experimental, so read on to find a burger to suit every mood.


Classic Juicy Burger

Every household needs a classic burger to grill all summer long — and this one is it. A mix of Ketchup, Worcestershire Sauce, garlic and black pepper infuse your beef with an intense savoury flavour that makes each bite irresistible. This jack-of-all-trades burger works with virtually any toppings and suits any occasion.


Steakhouse Poutine Burger

Meet the next star of your Canada Day cookout! This recipe pairs a classic beef patty with rich poutine gravy, cheese curds and crunchy chips for a hearty burger inspired by a Canadian specialty. Serve it with this Maple Bacon Grilled Vegetable Salad for a well-rounded meal. Or use ketchup potato chips on your burger for even more Canadian flavour. 


Super Juicy Plant-Based Burgers

Whether you’re grilling for Meatless Monday or eat plant-based full time, this burger deserves to be on your rotation all summer long. It’s packed with flavour, thanks to the combination of hearty portobello mushrooms, lentils and savoury Vegetable Seasoning. Best of all, it comes together in just 13 minutes for ultra-convenient weeknight cooking. 


Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

Double cheese? Yes, please! This recipe is perfect for the cheese lovers in your family, with plenty of cheddar in every bite. But it’s got other flavour enhancers, too. Ground beef is made even more delicious with a mixture of bouillon, herbs and spices for an intense meaty flavour that can stand up to all that cheese.


BBQ Burgers with Smoked Gouda and Portobellos

Speaking of luxurious burgers, this smoky mushroom-topped burger is a must-try. Hearty portobellos get smokier and meatier when cooked on the grill, while a slice of smoked gouda adds a complex, nutty flavour that brings this burger over the top. This recipe can also work for plant-based diners: Simply leave the beef patty out, and let the cheese and mushrooms take center stage. 


Curry Turkey Burgers

We love a classic turkey burger — but this Thai-inspired recipe is a serious upgrade on a classic. It’s infused with Thai Red Curry paste, a blend of hot Thai red chilis, bright lemongrass, savoury garlic and zesty galangal, also called Thai ginger. Together, they add salty, spicy, savoury and citrusy notes to every bite. Served these topped with fresh cucumbers, shredded carrots or thinly-sliced cabbage, plus a splash of Sweet Red Chili Sauce


Greek Chicken Burgers with Lemon Pepper Yogurt Sauce

Craving Mediterranean flavour? These Greek-inspired chicken burgers are the ideal recipe for you. Packed with zesty lemon pepper, salty feta and savoury garlic and oregano, these juicy chicken burgers are bright, refreshing and perfect for summer. And a homemade creamy lemon pepper yogurt sauce brings them over the top. 


Greek Quinoa Burgers

If you’re craving another Greek-inspired burger, give these plant-based burgers a try. Quinoa and black beans come together for a patty that’s both flavourful and packed with texture, while One Bowl Greek Seasoning Mix infuses the tastes of the Mediterranean into each bite. With a total prep and cook time of just 25 minutes, these burgers make a convenient weeknight meal.


Sloppy Joe Burgers

Who doesn’t love sloppy joe night? This burger recipe helps you put a new twist on a classic. It has all the classic sloppy joe flavours you love — tomato, bacon, onion and Sloppy Joes Seasoning Mix — infused into a burger for the ultimate kid-friendly meal. 


Korean Smashed Burger with Quick Smashed Pickles

We saved the best for last. This Korean-inspired fusion burger is a showstopper, with each layer adding intense layers of flavour. The patty is smashed to maximized caramelization and crispiness. The mayo slaw gets a spicy kick from Gochujang, a fermented chili paste that’s a staple in Korean cuisine. And the smashed pickles use Korean pantry staples — like sesame oil, soy sauce and seasoned rice vinegar — for a briny, almost nutty flavour. Try this recipe when you’re looking to broaden your burger horizons and seriously impress your guests.

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