Make a Splash With These Marvelous Mustard Recipes

Make a Splash With These Marvelous Mustard Recipes

It's an age-old question: Should you go for a mustard or a spread? Perhaps you shouldn't have to choose. Isn't your sandwich good enough to deserve both?


It's an age-old question: Should you go for a mustard or a spread? Perhaps you shouldn't have to choose. Isn't your sandwich good enough to deserve both?

French's has launched three new products that turn mustard upside down. These spreadable mustards are creamy and smooth, each offering a different unique flavour.

Look to these spreadables for the best of both worlds, combining the tangy heat of mustard with the diverse flavours of three different spreads. Infused with spices ranging from turmeric to garlic powder and chipotle pepper, this creamy mustard trio offers the perfect taste combination for any occasion and any mustard recipe.

You can use these products like regular mustard to boost your burgers, pump up potatoes, or stir into salads. Their creamy texture makes them excellent for devilled eggs or to spread inside a sandwich or hot dog bun.

Cooks across the world have been using mustard for thousands of years, but that doesn't mean this spicy condiment isn't still evolving. For proof, just squeeze one of these onto your sandwich or onto a plate for a pretzel or two, and enjoy a whole new world of flavour.

1.) Creamy Mustard Spread

You grew up with French's Yellow Mustard. Now you can have a creamy, extra-spreadable version of that mustard that offers you a new, smooth texture. This spread offers a new way to bring that beloved mustard tang to your plate.

Why We Love It 

1.      The tangy flavour of French's yellow mustard that you know and love in spreadable form.   

2.      Excellent for pretzels and dogs when game night rolls around. 

3.      Brings a tangy heat to chicken and turkey sandwiches.  

Featured Recipes Easy Everything Bagel Soft Pretzels & Ham And Turkey Sub With Creamy Yellow Mustard


2.) Creamy Honey Chipotle Mustard Spread

Don't let the creamy texture fool you - this is a mustard with a kick. The chipotle spice combined with the sweet honey flavour creates a mustard with a sweet, smoky heat.

Why We Love It 

4.      Its smoky flavour makes this mustard excellent for barbecues.   

5.      Use it for sandwiches and take your deli meat to the next level. 

6.      Buy local! We're proud to say that this mustard comes from 100% Canadian mustard seed.  

Featured Recipes Instant Pot® Honey Chipotle Pulled Pork Sliders & Honey Chipotle Roast Beef Sandwich


3.) Sweet Applewood Mustard Spread

The third creamy mustard in our new lineup replaces heat with sweet. This darker, Dijon-coloured product gives you a milder mustard flavour that makes it perfect for those with a gentler palate that still want a unique on their burgers and sandwiches, or in their salasds and dips.

Why We Love It 

7.      The strong sweet flavour of this mustard makes it great for sweetening dips.   

8.      Use it with tangy ingredients like red onion to create powerful flavour combinations. 

9.      The applewood flavour makes it a barbecue hit.  

Featured Recipes Air Fryer Crispy Chicken Wraps & Sweet Applewood Turkey Sandwich With Caramelized Onions


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