9 sensational sandwiches that take lunch to new heights

9 sensational sandwiches that take lunch to new heights



Grocery prices might be high, but with a little savvy shopping, Canadians can make incredible sandwiches for lunch without breaking the bank.

From a classic BLT or meatball sub to a hearty roast beef sandwich or Montreal smoked meat sandwich, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Let’s check out the recipes for nine sensational sandwiches that take lunch to new heights.

Dig Into a Roast Beef Sandwich or Steak Sandwich


1. Honey Chipotle Roast Beef Sandwich

French’s Creamy Honey Chipotle Mustard Spread elevates this satisfying roast beef sandwich on a crunchy Portuguese roll. Stacked with avocado, pepper Jack cheese and red onion, it’s a genuine show-stealer.

Love Reuben sandwiches? Skip the mayonnaise and serve the remaining toppings up on rye bread with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.

2. Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

Kosher-style beef brisket – salted, cured and smoked to perfection – is a Montreal specialty. But visiting the Quebec capital isn’t the only way to get your Montreal smoked meat sandwich fix.

You’ll devour this easy homemade smoked meat sandwich recipe, featuring French’s Classic Yellow Mustard and rye bread. Don’t forget those pickle spears on the side.

3. Grilled Italiano Steak Sandwiches

You’ve never had steak like this before. Marinated to exquisite tenderness with our Italiano signature blend and grilled to your taste, it’s the centrepiece of this must-have steak sandwich. Load it up with tomatoes, onions and lettuce.

4. BLT Cumin Sandwich

The classic BLT gets a unique twist with the tangy, creamy flavours of Lemon Cumin Mayonnaise. Bacon fans love this easy BLT recipe, whether you serve the sandwiches on toasted Brioche buns or sesame seed burger buns.

Turkey Sandwiches for the Win!

5. Sweet Applewood Turkey Sandwich with Caramelized Onions

Why limit your turkey feasting to Thanksgiving? Sliced deli turkey, Gouda cheese, crispy bacon and spring mix greens enliven this sensational sandwich. With caramelized onions and Creamy Sweet Applewood Mustard, it's a whole lot of zesty goodness.

6. Smoked Turkey Sandwich with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon

French’s Classic Yellow Mustard brings the best out of smoked turkey breast with old cheddar, crispy bacon and sliced tomatoes. Enjoy with potato chips, fries or a side salad.

7. Pull Apart Garlic Bread Meatball Sandwiches

Hosting a party or watching a big hockey game with friends? You’ve got to have these mouthwatering meatball sandwiches.

They're loaded with melted mozzarella and provolone cheese and seasoned with Italian Seasoning and Garlic Powder.

Enjoy These Vegetarian-Friendly Sandwich Recipes


8. Portobello Mushroom Panini

This portobello mushroom panini is a veggie twist on a classic sandwich. The dense texture and robust, meaty flavour of grilled portobello mushroom levels up with Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning.


9. Roasted Garlic Pepper Egg Salad Sandwich

This is a croissant-style take on the classic egg sandwich. With diced roasted peppers, chives, mayo and Garlic Powder, it’s an eggs-cellent choice every time.

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