8 Better-For-You Recipes To Fuel Your Post-Workout Recovery

8 Better-For-You Recipes To Fuel Your Post-Workout Recovery

It’s grilling season! While the summer months may be famous for grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and other meat products, there’s still plenty of recipe opportunities out there for vegans and vegetarians who want to get their grill on, too.

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It feels great to get in shape any time of year, and eating the right post-workout meal is essential for maximizing the benefits of exercise and recovering properly. Let's explore some tasty, better-for-you recipes that help give fitness enthusiasts post workout fuel they need after hitting the beach, track, or gym.

Whether you’re looking for the best post-workout meal for muscle gain after lifting free weights or a well-balanced snack after a refreshing swim, you can replenish your muscle proteins and glycogen stores when you pick the right food to eat after your workout. Here are a few post-workout meals and post-workout snacks that can help you look and feel your best!

Post-Workout Meals That Taste Delicious

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1. Roasted Garlic & Pepper-Baked Salmon

Salmon is a delicious source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which research suggests can reduce post-workout soreness. Featuring lemon slices, olive oil and Roasted Garlic and Peppers Seasoning, this baked salmon recipe is easy to make in half an hour.


Chicken wrap recipe

2. Montreal Grilled Chicken Wraps

Montreal hosted the world’s top athletes in 1976 and has won more than 20 pro hockey championships. Enjoy some of that winning Canadian vibe yourself when you refuel with these loaded wraps. Montreal Chicken Seasoning keeps the grilled chicken tender and juicy, wrapped inside flour tortillas with mayonnaise, diced tomatoes, and shredded lettuce.


hawaiian taco recipe

3. Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Tacos

Hawaii is home to some of the world’s best swimming and surfing, and folks working on their beach bodies from Vancouver to Toronto can feast on these better-for-you chicken tacos. With diced mango, red bell pepper, and red onion, this great post-workout meal is as colourful as it’s tasty. Experiment with seasonings like Barbecue Chicken Seasoning or Seasoned Salt Seasoning to take this recipe to new heights.


Salads and Power Bowls for Your Post-Workout Meal

greek bowl recipe

4. Greek Quinoa Power Bowl

Loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals, quinoa is a wonderful option for both serious vegetarian athletes and casual fitness-minded omnivores. One Bowl Greek Seasoning Mix brings Mediterranean zest to this mouthwatering, nutritious salad, which includes arugula, cherry tomatoes, and black olives. While grilled chicken is a solid go-to for your post-workout meal, you can also swap it out here for shrimp or simply go meatless.


chickpea bowl

5. Chipotle Sweet Potato Chickpea Power Bowl

Whether you prefer brown rice or quinoa as a source of plant-based protein, hearty power bowls are the way to go. Featuring cubed avocado, cherry tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds, bowls are a wholesome, vegetarian-friendly post-workout meal with something for everyone. Liquid Honey Squeeze, Chipotle Chili Pepper, and Sea Salt Grinder dial up the yum factor.


roast beef salad power bowl

6. Roast Beef Cobb Salad Power Bowl

If meat, eggs, and cheese get you salivating, this hearty variation on a traditional Cobb Salad might be the best post-workout meal for you. Jazzed up with deli-sliced roast and pistachios, it’s got all the protein and carbs you’re craving after stand-up paddleboarding, mountain biking, or pilates. Hot tip: add a few drops of Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce for an extra-delicious kick.


More Marvelous Post-Workout Snacks

smoothie recipe shot

7. Turmeric Ginger Banana Smoothie

With a delightful blend of Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, Organic Turmeric and Ground Ginger, this refreshing, feel-good smoothie with banana and mango is great to drink after you step off the treadmill or put down those resistance bands. Enjoy the original recipe or feel free to add a scoop of protein powder.


avocado toast recipe

8. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast, that ultimate millennial brunch food, does double duty as a fantastic post-workout snack. With layers of tahini and unsalted butter, our avocado toast recipe includes garlic, onion, and sesame flavours with a sprinkling of Everything Bagel Seasoning.


More Post Workout Meals To Try

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