Plant Based Diet 101: Deliciously Healthy

Plant Based Diet 101: Deliciously Healthy


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Plant based diets are the talk of the town these days. The phrase itself seems to be on everyone’s lips—and all over everyone’s social media feeds—but what is it, really? Read on to find out if it is just another fad diet, or something a bit more worthy of your attention. 

Plant Based Diet: The 101

Plant based diets started getting a lot of attention with the release of the 2011 film Forks Over Knives, a film that promoted complete elimination of animal-based foods (also known as a vegan diet). Over time, “plant based” was adopted to refer to healthier eating patterns that prioritize foods derived from plants and unrefined ingredients. Plant based diets became especially popular beginning in 2017, when new research about their health benefits became known and widely accepted.

Which foods are included? Whole grains, seeds, nuts, beans, vegetables, fruits, and legumes are all staples of plant-based diets, which otherwise include few or no animal products whatsoever. If this sounds uninspiring to you, we have put together a menu of dishes you'll love, all of which suit a plant based diet.

Appetizers and Starters

Party nuts are almost all you need to keep a cocktail or two company and your dining room buzzing. Give taste buds a tingle with a batch of spicy thai nuts

Side and Main Dishes

Everyone loves tacos, right? Whether stuffed to the gills with smoky beans or roasted veggies, tacos are a crowd-friendly food that adapt well to almost any dietary preference. Start out with this basic black bean tacos recipe, adding in as many crunchy toppings as you please. Serve your tacos alongside curried mushroom and spinach quesadillas for two kinds of tortilla goodness in one meal. 


Plant based does not mean you have to cut out the sweets! If the season is right, a very vanilla fruit salad is a closing winner for any hearty meal. One of the best potluck desserts? This coconut sticky rice with mango. Not only is it easy to prep, it's wonderfully sweet without being overly heavy. It's also vegan and gluten-free. That’s a winner in any book.

The Morning After (Breakfast Nosh)

On any morning—whether you’ve had a rough night or not—you deserve a little pick-me-up that can be enjoyed on-the-go. And you’ll do no wrong with a turmeric and cinnamon chocolate banana shake. It’s sweet and packed full of goodness to kick your body in recovery overdrive.

Plant based diets may be trending now, but they has been around since the beginning of time–literally. Now, it's easier than ever to adopt a plant based lifestyle, especially with so many delicious recipes to choose from. Whether you decide to fully commit, or simply enjoy the occasional plant based meal, your body and health will thank you.

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