Try Our Top Fish Recipes

Try Our Top Fish Recipes



From fried fish and chips to poached tilapia dishes, fish recipes have always been a global favourite. This is especially true in Canada, with its network of fish-laden lakes and rivers. We have collected some of our favourite fish recipes — along with some tips on how to choose, handle, and cook this delicate ingredient — for fish-lovers across the country.

The benefits of including fish in your diet

Your brain and body will both thank you for including fish in your diet. It offers a rich collection of nutrients including protein, calcium, vitamins and riboflavin. The Government of Canada's Food Guide recommends fish such as trout, salmon and mackerel as part of a healthy diet.

Tips for buying and storing fish

Frozen fillets are fine, but fresh fish is even better. They can be expensive, though, so ensure that you get the freshest and most delicious catch each time by knowing what to look for. Check for bright colours with no browning around the edges, along with clear, bright eyes.

Cook your fish no later than the day after buying it, and store it in the refrigerator, ideally atop some ice, to keep those fresh flavours.

Popular fish recipes

With so many types of fish and cooking techniques, you need never worry about how to cook fish recipes that will delight the family. Here are a few ideas.

Salmon recipes for seafood lovers

This baked Savoury Crusted Salmon recipe pairs sweet honey and Everything Bagel with Sesame Seed and Onion seasoning for a surprisingly tasty topping.


If sweet salmon isn't your thing, then there are plenty of alternatives. Baking this Roasted Garlic & Pepper Baked Salmon fish recipe on lemon slices sharpens the rich, savoury flavour of the Roasted Garlic & Peppers.


Mild and versatile tilapia dishes

Each fish has something to offer. Tilapia has a delicate taste that makes room for any flavour profile you care to try. That can be a simple herb combination like the one in our Herb & Pepper Tilapia recipe.


Halibut and haddock fish recipes for white fish lovers

Halibut is a meatier fish than tilapia, which means it stands up well to cooking on the grill. The fruit in our Grilled Halibut with Pineapple recipe ramps up the taste of this popular white fish.


You can make fish even healthier by choosing recipes that cut down on fat. For example, our Roasted Garlic & Peppers Haddock en Papillote recipe cooks meaty haddock in envelopes of parchment paper, baking them with a helping of veggies that steam in white wine and lemon juice.


Creative catfish cooking

If you want to jazz things up a little, try a fish that you might not have cooked before. This Fried Catfish with Creamy Cocktail Sauce dish offers a unique twist on a simple fried fish meal that normally uses cod, haddock or halibut. Coated in our mouthwatering Fish Fry Seasoned Fry Mix and deep fried, this fish is ready for a tangy cocktail sauce made from mayo and our Original Cocktail Sauce.


Take it outside  

If the weather's good, why not take advantage of it with a grilled fish dish? This Grilled Swordfish & Cauliflower Skewers with Gunpowder Spice recipe marries chunks of white swordfish and veggies dusted with a fiery east Indian seasoning. This Cedar Plank Salmon recipe also brings the heat with spicy Chili Powder.


Tips and Techniques for Cooking Fish

Fish is a delicate ingredient that demands careful cooking. Here are some tips to ensure you make the best use of your fresh fish ingredient.

Proper seasoning and marinating techniques

Less is often more when seasoning fish to avoid overwhelming its often-delicate flavour. A light coating of salt, pepper, herbs like dill or parsley, and citrus bring out the best in most fish without upstaging it.

Marinating in acidic ingredients like lemon, lime, or vinegar helps tenderize fish. Add some oil to keep things moist. The key with marinades is not to overdo the marinating time. Around half an hour should do it, otherwise your fish might get mushy.

Best cooking methods for flavourful fish recipes

Baking, grilling, and pan frying work well for most types of fish. Firmer fish like tuna, salmon, halibut or swordfish take especially nicely to the grill, developing a lovely char while staying moist inside. More delicate fish like sole or tilapia do better with quick pan frying or baking to avoid overcooking them. These Baked Lemon Dill Sole Fillets offer a healthy low-fat option that takes just 15 minutes from refrigerator to plate.


No matter what cooking method you choose, the key is to not overcook the fish to avoid ending up with a dry, rubbery texture. Going by appearance and checking for flakiness when poked with a fork are good ways to test doneness. 

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