Curry Recipes Just Might Be the Hottest Foods of 2023

Curry Recipes Just Might Be the Hottest Foods of 2023



Food experts worldwide recommend curry as a dish to watch (and eat!) in 2023. It’s no wonder Canadians are hungry to jump on this trend and explore delicious curry recipes.

It’s also important to celebrate the Southeast Asian origins of curry recipes. And you don’t always have to travel abroad. Across Canada, you can discover authentic Indian food in neighbourhoods like Vancouver’s Punjabi Market and Toronto’s Little India.

Making Great Curry Recipes at Home


Many Canadians have limited time to go out or are aiming to save money by eating in. Happily, our recipes – which put a modern twist on traditional curry recipes – are here to lend a helping hand.

Whip up a chickpea curry or chicken curry recipe for an easy weeknight dinner. Thai food is ever-popular, and you can salute that culinary tradition with a homemade version of Thai green curry. If you’re feeding vegetarians or flexitarians, go for a colourful vegetarian curry. The options are endless.

Love Thai Food? Try These Curry Recipes


Thai Red Curry

Talk about a complete, customizable meal! You can mix and match with proteins from chicken to pork and add veggies from chopped bell peppers to sugar snap peas.

Stir-fried with Red Curry Paste, simmered in Coconut Milk and augmented with Premium Fish Sauce, this red curry always satisfies. It’s best eaten with jasmine rice. 


Thai Yellow Curry Chicken

This dish pays tribute to Thai recipes and is ready to serve in less than 30 minutes. Yellow Curry Paste – offering a stimulating blend of lemongrass, Thai ginger and garlic – powers our Thai yellow curry chicken recipe.  


Green Curry Beef

The magical combination of Green Curry Paste and Coconut Milk makes this recipe one of the most delicious variations on Thai green curry. Visit a local Asian grocery store to get some Thai basil, which adds distinctive notes of licorice.

This easy weeknight dinner provides great variety for fans of nicely browned flank steak.


Red Curry Glazed Pork

Hot, sticky and delicious! Roast pork reaches new heights when coated with a mouthwatering sweet-and-spicy mixture that includes Liquid Honey Upside Down Squeeze and Red Curry Paste. Served with onions and rice, it makes a hearty main course.

More Curry Recipes You’re Sure to Love


Vegetarian Curry

Shiitake mushrooms, roasted peanuts and cilantro are among the distinctive ingredients in this superb vegetarian curry. A teaspoon of Prepared Minced Garlic goes a long way here. Add some extra Thai chili red pepper if you like it hot!

Roast Duck Curry

Anyone who loves duck meat's rich, juicy flavour must try our roast duck curry. Featuring Peanut Satay Sauce and loaded with sliced tomatoes and green beans, it’s a treat for your eyes, nose and mouth.

And if you don’t have duck on hand, this recipe also tastes incredible with chicken.

Keep on Spicing Up Your Menu with Curry Recipes

If you’re a fan of Indian-style food or Thai Kitchen products, don’t miss these other curry recipes:

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