These 10 summer fruit desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth all season long

These 10 summer fruit desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth all season long


One of the best things about summer is the bounty of berries, peaches and cherries that show up at the farmers market — and all the delicious desserts you can make with them. Summer is the season for fruit desserts, since in-season fruit is at its sweetest and most flavourful.

And if you’re looking for summer dessert inspiration, we’ve got all the recipes you need. Read on for tasty dessert recipes for all your favourite summer fruits, from light treats to luxurious indulgences. 

Berry dessert recipes for summer

Strawberries and blueberries are some of the first fruits to come into season, and a trip to the strawberry patch can be the perfect way to kick off summer vacation. If you’ve got a bunch of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and more, try these tasty desserts.


Gluten-Free Strawberry Breakfast Bars

Juicy berries and oat crumble are a match made in heaven, and these breakfast bars double as a light dessert. Serve ‘em with Greek yogurt on the side in the morning, or a scoop of frozen yogurt or ice cream for dessert. 


Blueberry Oat Squares

These blueberry squares fit more firmly in the dessert category, with a rich, buttery oat crumble you’ll crave all summer long. Ground ginger adds an unexpected kick to these squares for the perfect summer dessert. 


Grilled Angel Food Cake with Peppered Berries and Vanilla Cream

If you’re looking for a sophisticated summer dessert, these peppered berries are ideal for you. Pepper adds just a touch of heat for a moodier take on berries with cake. 

Cherry dessert recipes for summer

Cherries start popping up at the farmers market midway through summer — just when you’re ready to branch out from berry recipes. Cherries’ more intense flavours make them the ideal pairing for bolder ingredients, including dark chocolate or nutty almonds. 


Easy Mini Cherry Pies

We’ll state the obvious: this is the cutest recipe you’ll make all summer, and they’re totally TikTok-worthy. They’re also easy to make, thanks to store-bought pastry dough. 


Black Forest Skillet Cake

Cherries and chocolate are a classic for a reason — and when you try this cake, you’ll understand why. Our recipe uses smoky ancho chili and black pepper to add a decidedly grown-up twist to the cake, as well as bring out more chocolate flavour. 

Peach dessert recipes for summer

Fresh juicy peaches come into season beginning in mid-summer, and we’re always glad to see them. The best peach dessert recipes let peaches’ natural sweetness shine through, or pair peach with ginger for a zippy dessert. 


Fresh Peach Pie

It doesn’t get more classic than peach pie, and this recipe will become your new summer staple. A dash of cinnamon and vanilla brings out the natural sweetness in fresh peaches, while a latticework top makes your pie award-worthy.


Easy Peach Cobbler

Cobbler is perfect when you’re craving a no-fuss dessert, and this recipe is ideal for casual summer dining. Peaches are the star of the show, naturally, but cinnamon- and ginger-infused biscuits add a warm, comforting flavour. 


Ginger Peach Mini Pies

Summer is the season for grab-and-go treats, and these handheld pies are perfect for trips to the park, dessert by the pool or picnic-style dinners in the backyard. They’re loaded with gingery peach flavour for a late-summer treat. 

Dessert Recipes with all the summer fruits

Maybe you went all in at the farmer’s market or ended up with a bounty from the grocery store. Either way, try these recipes to use up a range of fruits and veggies, so you can mix and match your favorites, or make ‘em with whatever fruits you have on hand. 


Rainbow Fruit Tart

Hello, gorgeous! This summer fruit tart is a showstopper — and it’s simpler to make than you think. This recipe starts with a buttery tart crust, filled with a creamy vanilla custard. Then, you arrange your favourite fruits in concentric circles, topped with an apricot preserve glaze that makes each colour pop. Serve this as a crowd-pleasing treat all summer long. 


Rainbow Yogurt Bark

This homemade yogurt bark couldn’t be cuter! Lemony Greek yogurt is sweetened with honey to make a creamy, satisfying yogurt base that works as a backdrop for all your favourite fruits. Make it with whatever’s in season at the time and keep a batch in your freezer all season long for easy snacking.

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