Egg-cellent Recipes for Spring

Egg-cellent Recipes for Spring

Eggs are great for you all year round, but there's something about spring that makes them egg-stra special. Painting eggs for Easter is fun, but eating these protein-rich taste bombs is even better. Whether you're looking for a salad or a hot egg dish, we have collected some imaginative egg recipes that will put a spring in your step.



Get creative with hard-boiled eggs

We couldn't offer a collection of spring egg recipes without including deviled eggs. This classic egg recipe never gets old, partly because it's so versatile. You can switch it out with all kinds of spices and flavourings. The sweet dill and spicy Ground Mustard make a tasty filling for this Dill Deviled Eggs variation, but the thing that really makes it shine for us is the crunchy slice of dill pepper atop each egg.

deviled egg

Devilled eggs are irresistible, so there's a good chance that you'll have none left after serving up this dish. However, if you do find yourself with too many, there's a perfect solution in this Deviled Egg Potato Salad. It takes your leftover deviled eggs and turns them into a rich, creamy salad with a warm peppery mustard spice. Red onion gives it a tangy sweetness that will keep the family just as enthusiastic about hard-boiled eggs the second time around.

Don't stop at potatoes when making a tasty egg salad treat. Sweet balsamic vinegar brings a new layer of flavour to humble hard boiled eggs in this Roasted Garlic & Pepper Egg Salad Sandwich. Chopped chives and roasted peppers add colour and taste to this fabulous-looking dish. Who knew that a simple egg sandwich could be such an event?


Eggs for breakfast

There's nothing quite like a warm egg dish for breakfast. Hard-boiled eggs and bread soldiers are a traditional breakfast dish, but a little imagination can elevate the most important meal of the day. Check out this Avocado Eggs Benedict recipe to see what we mean. Creamy avocado and tasty tomato combined with runny poached eggs for a healthy vegetarian take on this North American favourite. Our Hollandaise Sauce Mix provides the perfect topping for a classic breakfast dish that you'd think came from your local brunch bistro.

eggs benedict

Avocado Eggs Benedict will wow your family, but for a top-tier breakfast, look no further than this Smokehouse Maple Chicken Sausage and Egg Hash. Onion, bell peppers, shredded hash browns, and healthy chicken apple sausage make a tasty single-skillet nest for eggs to cook in. The Smouldering Smoked Applewood and Maple Bacon seasonings pack this breakfast disk with flavour, creating a single-skillet meal that you won't forget. It looks fantastic, and it can be on your table in half an hour.

Eggs for lunch and supper

Eggs are so versatile you can build an entire lunch or supper around them. This Vegetable Bibimbap (mixed rice) recipe blends vegetables and garlic, along with Ground Ginger and Crushed Red Pepper Flakes for warming, aromatic flavours. The star of the show is a sunny fried egg that adds colour and a dash of yolky goodness to this 30-minute meal.

over easy egg

Have you ever made an egg sing? Spend a little time putting together this Shakshuka with Hearty Greens dish and you will. This is a one-skillet meal that poaches eggs with tomato sauce, chickpeas, and a host of healthy vegetables for a protein-packed power supper that will keep even the biggest appetite at bay for the rest of the evening.

skillet eggs

Eggs have so much to offer with a little creativity and a few key ingredients. Try these recipes out and bring this modest little food out of its shell.

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