All About Ground Turkey: Tips, Recipes, and More

All About Ground Turkey: Tips, Recipes, and More


If you’re grocery shopping on a budget, ground turkey is your new BFF. It’s not only super flexible in the kitchen, but it also typically costs less ground beef, so you can save on groceries without skimping on flavour. 

It’s also oh-so-simple to cook with. From cozy comfort meals to pub-inspired fare, we’ve rounded up the best ground turkey recipes to try — along with tips to use up any leftovers.


Turkey Meatloaf

We all need a staple comfort recipe, and this easy turkey meatloaf is sure to become your next go-to. It combines six humble kitchen staples  — including turkey and tender mixed vegetables, with a generous dash of Tex Mex seasoning for Mexican-inspired savory flair — into a cozy meal that’s greater than the sum of its parts. While the meatloaf takes an hour and a half to cook, it requires just 10 minutes of active prep time for a low-stress dinner.


Cajun Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey’s mellow flavour makes it the ideal backdrop for spices and seasonings, and DIY turkey burgers are the ideal opportunity to let your creativity run wild. A dash of Cajun seasoning adds smoky, savoury and peppery notes to your burgers for a next-level main course. Mix up the toppings to make it your own. Keep it classic with lettuce and tomatoes, or add fried onions and pickled jalapenos for fire and crunch.


Curry Turkey Burgers

Can’t get enough turkey burgers? Give these Thai-inspired patties a try. They taste irresistible thanks to Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste, while garlic and ginger round out the flavour profile. These burgers taste best paired with fresh ingredients with plenty of texture, so top 'em with crunchy sliced cucumber, sliced red bell pepper or shredded cabbage.


Turkey Chili Nachos

Whether you're craving a snack, need a crowd-pleasing app or want a pub-inspired dinner, these nachos can do it all. Crunchy tortilla chips make the ideal backdrop for taco-seasoned ground turkey and all the toppings — tomatoes, onions, fresh cilantro and melty cheese — for all the flavours and textures you love. Bonus: It’s also quick and easy to make. You can have your nachos on the table in just 35 minutes.


Turkey Taco Skillet

Nothing beats a one-pot meal for low-stress cooking, and this turkey taco skillet will become your weeknight go-to. It’s comforting and hearty, thanks to a mix of ground turkey and quinoa, packs a flavourful punch thanks to Taco seasoning, and, of course, plenty of cheese. This dish is kid-friendly, travels well to cookouts and comes together quickly — a true triple threat.

More Ways to Cook with Ground Turkey

Need to use up that pound of ground turkey? Try these tips to add it to more of your meals. 

1. Use it in place of sliced or shredded turkey meat

Cooked ground turkey makes a tasty stand-in for turkey breast and thigh meat. Try it in this comforting Creamy Turkey Ragout, or let your slow cooker make dinner with this Slow Cooker Turkey Noodle Soup. 

2. Sub in ground turkey for ground beef

Of course, any dish made with ground beef also tastes amazing made with ground turkey. Serve this Tex-Mex-inspired Cowboy Beef Lasagna for Sunday dinner, warm up with homemade Shepherd's Pie, or upgrade burrito night with these Sloppy Joe Beef Burritos. 

3. Add seasoned turkey to rice bowls, salads and wraps

Sometimes, all you need is a little ground turkey to turn a light dish into a hearty, filling meal. Try adding turkey to this Moroccan Couscous Power Bowl for an energizing lunch, or make this Mediterranean-inspired Greek Quinoa Power Bowl for a refreshing dinner.

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