How To Cook A Turkey & Must Try Turkey Recipes

How To Cook A Turkey & Must Try Turkey Recipes

In Canada, turkey isn't just for the holidays. Here are key cooking ideas and turkey-based meals that anyone can prepare and enjoy – anytime of the year.

From Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to Easter and other occasions in between, turkey is part of Canadian culinary tradition.
Considering it's our holiday go-to, it's curious why we don't eat it more regularly throughout the year. In 2020, turkey production in Canada amounted to 158.3 million kilograms. Meanwhile, chicken production hit 1.3 billion kilograms. And, according to the national turkey farmers' association, whole turkeys are the most popular format. 
But turkey is surprisingly versatile. That's good news for your leftovers, or if you want to integrate this lean protein into your diet on a more regular basis. Learn some key cooking ideas and turkey-based meals that anyone can prepare and enjoy.

How To Brine A Turkey 

Novice cooks may be daunted by the thought of roasting a turkey. How can you make sure it's well-cooked but still juicy? Brining a turkey is one way to make sure your bird stays moist while also delivering nicely browned, crisp skin. 
1. It starts with making enough room in the fridge to carry a large pot or container, since the turkey needs to be submerged in the liquid brine for 12–24 hours.
2.Also make sure to cool your brine before pouring it over the turkey.
3.If you're sugar-conscious, you can fully or partially swap out the white sugar for honey or maple syrup.
4.Just don't skimp on the coarse salt! It's the magic ingredient that makes your bird moist and flavourful. 

No Brine Turkey

If you haven't got the time or fridge space to brine your turkey, there are still ways to prepare a delicious meal during the holidays, or anytime. Our thyme-roasted turkey recipe delivers on taste. Follow our handy cooking time instructions to make the perfect bird. 


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How To Make Turkey Gravy

And don't forget the gravy! Even if you're prepared to completely DIY the gravy, it can be a good idea to pick up gravy mix just in case your bird doesn't produce enough drippings.  


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Turkey Recipes

Especially when preparing a holiday feast, it's easy to overestimate just how much your guests will eat. More often than not, you'll be left with turkey leftovers. But there's no need to eat holiday dinners for a week. The meat (and bones) can be used to make a variety of dishes. Even better, you can occasionally roast a turkey leg or breast, or buy ground turkey, to diversify your diet. Here are five turkey recipes on how to do that:



1. Slow Cooker Turkey Noodle Soup

You can throw your turkey bones in a pot and simmer them in water for a few hours to make your own broth, or you can use vegetable stock. Either way, a nice bowl of turkey noodle soup will satisfy your hunger and warm you right up.



2. Turkey meatloaf

Put a healthier spin on an old classic by swapping ground beef for ground turkey with this meatloaf. Spicy salsa is a good companion to this dish, as is ketchup mixed with a bit of chipotle powder to give it a smoky flavour.

Consider making this herbed sausage stuffing on the side to get a taste of the holidays without the hassle of preparing a whole holiday dinner. Just remember to adjust for the right number of servings! Better yet, freeze extra portions by balling them up in aluminum foil and putting them inside of a freezer bag. 



3. Turkey pot pie

This is a perfect way to use your turkey, gravy and vegetable leftovers. You can make a few of these in the days following the holiday and freeze them for later. 



4. Turkey chili nachos

 Going to a potluck? Having a few friends over to watch the game? Preparing a summer BBQ? These turkey chili nachos fit all those bills, and more.   

Who said turkey was just for the holidays?


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