Fruity Baked Treats to Sweeten Your Table

Fruity Baked Treats to Sweeten Your Table



There isn't much better than the smell of fresh baking straight from the oven, especially when it's sweet. Whether it's from fruit, syrup or spice, infusing sweetness into dough creates a delightful double whammy of baked textures and sugary flavours that will make your morning coffee or afternoon tea extra special.

Here are some ideas for sweet baked treats that you can pull off with minimal preparation for fantastic results.

A fruity tart treat

Sliced fruit provides the topping for this multi-coloured Rainbow Fruit Tart recipe. It's a treat for the eyes as well as the taste buds thanks to its impressive mix of red, orange, yellow and green fruits with a delicious crown of blueberries at the centre. Even with its delicious homemade crust, this gorgeous dessert will be ready in under 45 minutes.


A taste of fall

Some of our favourite sweet baked goods are seasonal, like this Pumpkin Spice Bread. It captures the essence of Thanksgiving in a single bite. The cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg in our Pumpkin Pie Spice create a sweet, warming flavour that makes us think of cozy afternoons in front of crackling fires. Whether you enjoy this with a pumpkin-spiced latte yourself or make it as a holiday gift for someone else, this evocative sweet loaf will level up your fall.

Sweet pull-apart bread

If pumpkin spice doesn't satisfy your cinnamon craving then it's time to bring out some reinforcements. Cinnamon Monkey Bread is fun for two reasons. First, it combines cinnamon with butter and brown sugar to make a sweet, syrupy delight. Second, you get to lick that gooey caramel from your fingers after you pull this sweet treat apart. You won't have long to wait; this recipe will be warm on the table in 45 minutes.


For extra convenience, offer up pre-pulled monkey bread for the win! These Mini Apple Pie Spiced Monkey Breads use Apple Pie Spice for a warming fall flavour.

Mini-monkey breads give you the best of both worlds: a holdable treat that you can still break apart into smaller bite-sized pieces. They're easy to manage and still lots of fun to eat — just the right size for an afternoon snack, or even to cook up and take out with the family on a fall walk.

Fruity pear bread

Pears and bread aren't two ingredients that you'd naturally put together, but some of the best combinations are unexpected. For proof, check out this Streusel-Topped Pear Quick Bread recipe.

A whole diced pear goes into this moist, sweet dessert, which also includes ginger and Pure Almond Extract to give it a memorable flavour.


The streusel part of this bread is an extra treat. It's a crumbly sweet topping made of butter, almonds and brown sugar that you sprinkle over or bake into pies and pastries. It sits atop this pear bread to give it an irresistible taste and texture.

Fruity bread pudding

When is a bread not a bread? When it's a pudding. Bread pudding was traditionally a way to transform stale or leftover bread into a decadent dessert, with a moist custard centre and a slight crispness on top. The fruits and flavourings that you add into it are really what makes a bread pudding sing.

This Honey Berry Bread Pudding dish combines eggs, cream, milk, vanilla and our Billy Bee Honey to make a luscious vanilla custard mix. We use it to meld together croissant, bread cubes, and berries in a recipe that gives you sweetness and crunch in one bite. Who knew that a humble baguette could be so successful in a dessert?


These sweet baked goods are perfect when you want a quick indulgent bite to make the day a little brighter. They're worth every minute in the oven, and a single serving will sadly disappear all-too quickly. But that's what second helpings are for!

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