Bring On the Blueberries! You’ll Love Our Blueberry Recipes

Bring On the Blueberries! You’ll Love Our Blueberry Recipes


Blueberries are little gems in fruit form. They're sweet and packed with antioxidants, making them great for your health. They also happen to be a key ingredient in some amazing snacks, drinks and desserts. We chose some of our favourite blueberry recipes to give your health and your taste buds a welcome boost.

Bite-sized blueberry desserts

Let's start with some blueberry dessert recipes that make perfect bite-sized snacks. These Blueberry Oat Squares put a fun twist on date squares with some fruity, spiced additions. The refreshing zing of ginger and lemon pairs perfectly with sweet blueberries to create a chewy, tasty treat. The great thing about these squares is that they're simple enough to serve as snacks with coffee but can also serve as a full dessert with a little ice cream.


Blueberry cake

A sweet topping with pepper? On a cake that you grill? Yes, you read that right. This Grilled Angel Food Cake with Peppered Berries and Vanilla Cream is not a normal run-of-the-mill dessert. These angel food cake slices come with golden-brown grill marks. You layer them with a magical blueberry cream that includes sweet and savoury ingredients. If you can't believe that black peppercorns and balsamic vinegar can work well with mascarpone cheese and vanilla in a dessert dish, then prepare to be amazed.


This Sheet Pan Spiced Berry Shortcake is one of our favourite blueberry dessert recipes because it's both tasty and easy to prepare, using a single pan that makes clean-up a snap. It blends Ground Cinnamon and Pure Vanilla Extract into a warming, spicy shortcake. That's not all — the star of the show is the berry filling, which features baked blueberries along with strawberries and raspberries in a sweet, warm filling. It pairs perfectly with the shortcake, creating the perfect blend of tastes and textures.


Blueberry fruit salad

Blueberries work just as well in a simple fruit salad selection as they do on cakes. This Very Vanilla Fruit Salad is a 15-minute treat mixing blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, melon and kiwi fruit, all lifted by a pure vanilla extract that adds just the right level of sweetness. It's easy on your time and your waistline, with a single serving containing less than 50 calories.


Blueberry drinks

Don't just keep blueberries for your desserts. This versatile little berry makes equally good drinks. It isn't often that you see fennel in a drink, but you'll certainly taste it when you do. This aromatic herb has a licorice-like taste that adds an unexpected element to any drink — including this Blueberry Fennel Sipping Sour. This drink does double duty as a mocktail and a cocktail with a mixer. Either way, it's filled with surprises. Apple cider vinegar, cherries and honey bring three different kinds of sweetness, while salt amps up a unique mixture of flavours. Serve mixed with Prosecco for an invigorating cooler that you won't forget.


When three of our favourite flavours make their way into a drink recipe, you know it's going to be worth making. Not that this Blueberry Vanilla Lemonade Shaved Ice Mocktail will take long to make. With just ten minutes of prep time, this no-booze treat is the perfect quick cool-down drink for a summer crowd, whatever their age. Calamansi juice — a Filipino citrus fruit — makes a star appearance in this drink, but you can substitute lemons if you like. That citrus taste combines with agave nectar's gentle sweetness, spicy ginger, and of course vibrant flesh blueberries to create a mocktail that's tangy, sweet and spicy on the tongue all at once.

Whether you bake them into a luscious chewy treat, blend them into a fruit salad, or enjoy them in a refreshing drink, blueberries' vibrant colour and fresh flavour make them irresistible. Get them while they're in season and enjoy everything that these happy little berries have to offer.

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