575 acres

In 2020, our tomato paste supply was harvested off 575 acres of Canadian farmland, by 21 Canadian tomato growers supplying Highbury Canco, creating long-standing relationships with farmers and valuable jobs for the people in these Canadian communities.


147,440,000 tomatoes

It takes approximately 38 Canadian tomatoes to make 1 lb.  of tomato paste. That’s approximately 147,440,000 raw Canadian tomatoes helping to create opportunity (and delicious ketchup flavour!) in Canada in just one year’s time.

French’s Ketchup - Bottled in Canada

We all know about the incredible flavour of French’s® Tomato Ketchup, but did you know that our ketchup is made with 100% Canadian tomatoes?

Good Eats

Families all over Canada are turning ordinary meals into memorable moments with French’s® Tomato Ketchup and these recipes.