French’s Low-sodium Tomato Ketchup

Enjoy French’s classic Tomato Ketchup flavour with 70% low sodium. We cut no corners to give you delicious flavours, with less salt, for all your favourite foods.

Usage Tips

Add French’s Low-sodium Tomato Ketchup to your burgers, fries, over eggs, sandwiches, or anything that excites your taste buds. Enjoy the classic taste of French’s ketchup without worrying about your salt intake!

Nutritional Information

  • 20 Calories
  • 0g Total Fat
  • 45mg Sodium
  • 4g Carbohydrates
  • 4g Sugar
  • 0.2g Protein


Tomato paste (made from fresh ripe tomatoes), Vinegar, Liquid sugar, Salt, Yeast extract, Water, Citric acid, Onion powder, Spices.

Allergen Statement


56200010134 (750ml)