French’s Ketchup with 100% Canadian Tomatoes

French’s Ketchup with 100% Canadian Tomatoes

We all know about the incredible flavour of French’s® Tomato Ketchup, but did you know that our ketchup is made in Canada with 100% Canadian tomatoes? That’s right, we work with local farmers to fill every bottle of our family-favourite ketchup with ripe, farm-fresh tomatoes. Bottled in Canada by Canadian workers, French’s is proud to support the local community with the production of everyone’s favourite condiment!

100% Canadian Tomatoes

Made with 100% Canadian farm-grown tomatoes, French’s® Tomato Ketchup is one condiment that you can feel really good about eating! The local tomatoes not only produce delicious flavour for every bottle of ketchup, but they also allow us to have long-term relationships with Canadian farmers and create more Canadian jobs. From farming jobs in Leamington to packaging jobs in Toronto, Ontario, French’s is proud to support these Canadian communities and reinforce McCormick’s long-standing commitment to Canada.

Over 140 Million Tomatoes

Every bottle of French’s® Tomato Ketchup starts with- you guessed it- tomatoes! A whopping 45 million tomato vines are seeded and transplanted in a crop year. It takes about 38 Canadian tomatoes to make 1 lb. of tomato paste, and the estimate of planned usage for tomato paste in 2021 is about 3.88 million lbs. This means that in just one year, approximately 147,440,000 raw Canadian tomatoes are used to create opportunity and the delicious flavour you know and love. That’s a lot of ketchup!


The Production Cycle

Have you ever wondered how ketchup is made? It all begins with the best quality tomatoes, and since ketchup is all about the flavour and colour, consistency among tomatoes is key.

Farmers Paving the Way

The making of French’s® Tomato Ketchup wouldn’t be possible without the great Canadian farmers and workers across the country. In 2020, our tomato paste supply was harvested off 575 acres of Canadian farmland by 21 Canadian tomato growers supplying Highbury Canco. From farming to bottling and production, every single worker has a huge impact on the finished product that makes it way to your kitchen table. This is why establishing long-standing relationships with farmers is a crucial goal of ours, as is creating valuable jobs for the people in these Canadian communities.


After the tomatoes are harvested, they are then sorted, washed, peeled and chopped to prepare for cooking. A tomato paste is then made, which becomes the base for every bottle of French’s ketchup! Sweeteners, vinegar, salt and spices are added to each batch to create our signature flavour.


French’s® Tomato Ketchup is made with tomato paste (from fresh ripe tomatoes,) liquid sugar, white vinegar, salt, onion powder and spices. As for French’s® No Sugar Added Tomato Ketchup, liquid sugar is replaced with Stevia to get the same classic flavour with 70% less calories!

Flavoured sauce, such as French’s® Garlic Ketchup Type Sauce, has the same base ingredients as our classic ketchup with additional spices and flavourings.
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