Celebrate Winterlude With These Treats

Celebrate Winterlude With These Treats

Celebrate Winterlude in Ottawa or wherever you are with these delicious festive treat recipes.

If there's one country that knows how to celebrate winter, it's Canada. We even have a festival dedicated to it. Rather than letting sub-zero temperatures keep us indoors, we embrace the cold for three weekends in February during Winterlude. It's a winter festival dating back to 1979, when the federal government conceived an event to attract thousands of visitors to Ottawa, Ontario, and Gattineau, Quebec when these regions are at their most beautiful. 
This is a time when Canadians in the national capital region get outside to celebrate the cold, snowy season and share some festive cheer. As with all the best events, comes great opportunity for heartwarming food. 

Winterlude Drinks

Canadian winters are notoriously cold. The coldest ever recorded was -63C (-81F). That's the average temperature on Mars. Even regular winter temperatures get down to the negative twenties and thirties. So bundle up, and take a hot drink or two outside with you. 


This Slow Cooker Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe takes just a handful of ingredients to create a sweet, warming drink. A little Pure Mint & Peppermint Extract gives it that festive winter cheer. Don't forget the marshmallows and whipped cream! 

Another great option is Spiced Caramel Apple Cider. Unlike the hot chocolate, it doesn't require any simmering time in the slow cooker and it's ready to enjoy (and warm your hands) in ten minutes.


Warm Winterlude Mains


With your winter drink in one hand, what will you carry in the other? No outside event is complete without a hot dog. This French's Bacon Cheddar Dog isn't just any old dog - it adds cheese and two strips of bacon to create a new take on an old favourite. Include some French's Fried Onion Crunchy Toppers for a dog with unforgettable taste and texture. A little dab of French's Classic Yellow Mustard on top will make it sing. 

If you want something that will stay warmer for longer, consider a sustaining soup that will hold heat in a thermos. Garnished with fried potato "croutons" and shredded cheddar, this Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup is just the thing to fend off the chill. 


Winterlude Desserts

Winterlude food doesn't end at savoury street dishes. Round off your festive feast with some sweet treats for dessert. 



Celebrate Winterlude French Canadian-style with a Pouding Chômeur (poor man's pudding). Pour maple syrup on this cake before baking and it will infuse the batter, creating a moist, sweet treat. 



The best thing about these Ginger Peach Mini Pies, other than the wonderfully spiced ginger flavour, is their portability. They're hand-held fruit pie treats that can travel with you as you take in all that Winterlude has to offer.



These Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks look like they took far more than 15 minutes to put together, but they're so simple to make that even the kids can help. With a little food colouring, sugar, candy, and chocolate you can get as creative - or simple - as you want to be.  

Alternatively, try some Sweet and Smoky Popcorn for a cozy snack that is a complete upgrade to basic microwave popcorn. What could be better as you watch the entertainment on a crisp February night? 
Whether you're attending a Winterlude festival out east or just creating your own mini celebration in your back yard or local park, these food ideas are portable enough to keep you warm and well-fed on the go. A little prep will help add some flavor and atmosphere to this quintessentially Canadian festival.

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