Delicious is in the Details

Every detail matters. After all, the smallest differences have the biggest impact on flavour. That’s why our coconut milk is made from the first-pressing of ripe, premium coconut meat. Because simple, quality ingredients add just the right amount of flavour to make your kitchen creations sing. With Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk, Delicious is in the Details.

Creamy, Rich Flavour in Every Can

Every can of Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk is full of creamy, rich flavour. The details that go into creating our coconut milk lead to richer soups, creamier curries and deliciously tasty noodle dishes. Swirl it into an aromatic red curry with ginger, mix with fish sauce and lemongrass to make a delectable chicken satay, or whisk with lime juice and wine for a bright shrimp curry base.

So Much More Than Thai

It’s true that Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk adds rich flavour and creaminess to your favourite Thai dishes, but it does so much more. From breakfast to dessert and everything in-between, endless creations are just waiting to be made. Use it to make dairy-free cupcakes, smoothies and sauces. It can even make moist, fluffy and dairy-free pancakes. Our vegan-friendly milk isn’t a replacement- it’s an enhancement!

The Process

When we say every detail matters, we mean Every. Single. Detail. From sourcing the best ingredients to the packaging process, we take special care to bring you the true essence of Thai cuisine with the best flavours possible.

No GMOs For More OMGs

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk has everything you want in a coconut milk, and nothing you don’t. Our simple recipe is made with three ingredients: fresh coconut, guar gum (a natural thickener made from the guar bean) and water. That means no GMOs, no preservatives, and no artificial colours or flavours in sight. It’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free, so there’s nothing getting in your way from enjoying creamy, delicious dishes and drinks.

The Deliciousness