5 Unexpected Ways to Cook with Curry Powder

5 Unexpected Ways to Cook with Curry Powder

While curry powder is best known for adding flavour and fragrance to Indian dishes like curries, featuring lamb and chicken, it can be used for so much more. Read on to find five easy, delicious and unexpected ways to include curry powder in your cooking, whether you’re craving sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, or something in between.


Perfectly seasoned meals are all about striking a balance between your different flavours. And while we love the simplicity of mashed potatoes with gravy or cinnamon rubbed steak, most dishes need a mixture of spices to add a depth of flavour that’s greater than their individual parts.

That’s why we love cooking with curry powder. Our curry powder combines the spicy zip of black pepper, cloves, nutmeg and ginger with the satisfying earthiness of turmeric, bay leaves and coriander, then balances the mix with onion, celery seed, fenugreek, and cumin. You get the complexity of multiple spices in one bottle, without the cost and hassle of buying the spices separately and measuring out your own mix. 

Curry Powder Recipes to Try Right Now

Baked potatoes with curry powder

Spice Up Roasted Vegetables

Ah, roasted veggies — the MVP of side dishes when it comes to simple cooking. Seasoning your veggies with curry powder gives them a new, tasty twist. Use a sprinkling of curry powder to add flavour to oven-baked potatoes or baked sweet potato fries. Or, get more creative by making curry-spiced “carrot fries,” made from shoestring-cut carrots seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, and curry powder. Alternatively, try using curry powder to season roasted cauliflower, broccoli or zucchini for a side that’s low in calories but packed with flavour.

Hummus with curry powder 

Try a New Twist on Hummus

Hummus is one of our favourite healthy dips to personalize via seasoning, and a curry-spiced hummus is sure to please. To make it, simply omit the cumin and red pepper from our classic hummus recipe and add a teaspoon of curry powder instead. Pair your curry-spiced hummus with crudité or use it to add Indian-inspiration to sandwiches and wraps.

Egg salad with curry powder

Upgrade Your Egg Salad

If you’re looking for an easy-but-delicious portable lunch, it’s hard to go wrong with egg salad. And adding a touch of curry powder not only adds a savoury twist to your egg salad, but the turmeric also adds a pop of colour to make your sandwiches look Instagram-ready. Simply add a sprinkle of curry powder to your favourite egg salad recipe, then use to make a sandwich or wrap. We recommend pairing egg salad with mild veggies, like baby spinach and julienned carrots, to let the flavour of the egg take center stage. 

Popcorn with curry powder

Make Your Popcorn Pop

Popcorn takes well to virtually any seasoning, and curry powder is no exception. Keep it simple by sprinkling sea salt and curry powder over air-popped corn and mixing to combine. Craving heat? Add a dash of cayenne or black pepper for an extra pop of spiciness. If you’re feeling experimental — and you don’t mind a little extra work in the kitchen — try mixing curry powder into caramel to make curried caramel corn. 

Salad with curry powder

Dress(ing) to Impress

There’s no simpler way to spice up a grain bowl, salad or veggies-and-dip than to make your own dressings, and curry powder works perfectly as a delicious (and unexpected) enhancement. Mix a dash of curry powder into ranch dressing or dip to pair with carrot sticks for a simple snack. Alternatively, whip up curry vinaigrette to dress a chicken-and-spinach salad, or use the dressing to season a samosa-inspired quinoa bowl featuring cauliflower, roasted potato and green peas.

Remember — fun, flavourful cooking is a form of expression, so don’t be afraid to try new things in the kitchen. Cooking with curry powder is an easy way to keep your go-to meals from getting boring, while introducing your family to a new ingredient they are sure to love.

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