Thanksgiving Re-imagined, Outdoors

Thanksgiving Re-imagined, Outdoors

We asked Canadians if they could re-image a thanksgiving celebration that's outdoors. See what your fellow Canadians had to say below.


Q1. Compared with previous years, which of the following best describes the amount of time you've spent outdoors this year?

  • 33% Say Much More/Slightly More
  • 37% Say the Same Amount (70% of Canadians are Spending the Same Amount or More Time Outdoors Than in Previous Years)
  • 30% Say Slightly Less or Much Less


Q2. How often do you typically get outdoors during the fall season?

  • 35% Daily
  • 41% Several Times a Week
  • 11% Said Twice a Week
  • 6% Said Once a Week
  • 6% Said Less Than Once a Week



Q3. How much more time will you spend outdoors during Thanksgiving weekend this year, if any?

  • 54% Say No Additional Time
  • 21% Say One-Two Hours
  • 17% Say Half A Day
  • 7% Say Full-Day


Q4. What types of outdoor activities have you participated in over the Thanksgiving weekend?

  • 46% Say Family Hike/Walk (Biggest Activity of the Fall)
  • 20% Say Going to a Farmer’s Market
  • 15% Say Camping/Cottaging/Vacation
  • 14% Say Harvest Picking
  • 10% Say Picnicking
  • 9% Say Sporting Events
  • 3% Say Turkey Trot
  • 9% Say Other Outdoor Activities: Bicycling, Golfing, Hunting, Yard Work
  • 34% Say Not Applicable/Haven’t Participated in Outdoor Activities Over Thanksgiving Weekend



Q5. When you participate in outdoor activities, do you pack food to bring with you?

  • 18% Say Yes, Always
  • 61% Say Sometimes (79% Always/Sometimes Bring Packed Food When They Participate in Outdoor Activities)
  • 21% Say Never



Q6. Which of the following are your go-to/must-have foods when planning for outdoor activities?

  • 60% Says Small Meals (Ie. Sandwiches, Soups, Salads)
  • 53% Say Granola Bars
  • 46% Say Local/Seasonal Fruit
  • 38% Say Chips
  • 34% Say Trail Mix
  • 13% Say Jerky
  • 7% Say Smoothie
  • 4% Say Larger Meals (i.e. On-The-Go Casserole)
  • 5% Say Other: Beer, Chocolate Bars, Cheese and Fruit, Water


Q7. What influences your on-the-go food choices?

  • 76% Say Ease of Eating
  • 70% Says Portability
  • 53% Say What You Have On-Hand
  • 28% Says No Waste (i.e. No Wrappers or Leftover Containers)
  • 19% Says Seasonality
  • 3% Say Other: Nutrition, Taste / Flavour, Price, Protein


Q8. There's some thought that this is the golden age of outdoor eating. Would you consider hosting your Thanksgiving meal outside, weather permitting?

  • 7% Say Yes, In Fact, I Plan to Host the Meal Outside
  • 36% Say Yes, I Would Consider It
  • 57% Say No, Hosting the Meal Outdoors Isn’t Something I Would Consider



Q9. Regardless of where or how you spend Fall weekends, when it comes to food, which of the following is MOST important to you?

  • 8% Say Diversity of Food Options
  • 16% Say Quality Ingredients
  • 42% Say Flavour/Taste
  • 23% Say Ease and Convenience
  • 12% Say Nutrition/Sustenance


Q10. Which, if any, of these Thanksgiving flavours would you be interested in when eating on-the-go?

  • 24% Say Bring My Turkey Leg To-Go
  • 23% Say All Things Pumpkin Spice
  • 18% Say Cranberry Sauce on Everything
  • 15% Say Gravy as the New Hummus
  • 4% Say Other: Apple, Cherry, Cinnamon, Stuffing, Potatoes, Pumpkin / Autumn Veg., Turkey
  • 45% Says Not Applicable, I’m Not Interested in Thanksgiving Flavours For Eating On-The-Go



Q11. Would you consider incorporating any of the following trends into your Thanksgiving meal?

  • 37% Say Using Local-Only Ingredients
  • 29% Say Incorporating Regional Specialties (Ex. Apples in Quebec, Pumpkins in Ontario)
  • 22% Say Making Dishes That Represent Your Cultural Heritage
  • 7% Say Foraging                                               
  • 2% Say Other: Apples from Nova Scotia, Fresh Home Garden Ingredients, Vegan / Vegetarian Options, Seasonal Vegetables, Thanksgiving Meals from Other Countries
  • 29% Say None of the Above
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