Snack Attack

Snack Attack

Try these simple and creative tips that will make snack time the highlight of any day.

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Your family will love these four ways to switch up mid-day snacks.

Getting creative in the kitchen is often the best way to reintroduce family favourites. Why not elevate your standard grab-and-go fruit with our banana dippers or get creative with your morning smoothie made into popsicles? These four simple tips to reinvent snacks will leave you feeling inspired to change up some of your go-to favourites!

Sprinkled Banana Dippers

Get a little more creative during snack time. Dip your banana in peanut butter and roll in Cake Mate Assorted Sprinkles for a colourful snack your kids will love.

No More Brown Apples

If you're tired of cutting apples only to have them go brown in your lunch pail, here's a solution! Combine 2 tbsp of Billy Bee Liquid Honey with 1 cup of water. Pour the mixture over your apple slices and leave for a few minutes before removing the slices. Store this lunchbox favourite in a resealable bag.

Honey Roasted Nuts and Seeds

For a healthy snack that'll tide you over during the afternoon lull, drizzle Billy Bee Liquid Honey over your favourite nuts and seeds. Bake for 5 minutes and store in a re-sealable bag to keep your mixture fresh. If you're feeling extra spicy, toss in McCormick Gourmet Cayenne Pepper for an extra kick.

Double Duty Smoothie

Frozen smoothie pops will have you hitting the snooze button in the morning without feeling guilty. Freeze your smoothie into individual portions in a popsicle tray overnight for a quick breakfast you can grab on the go.