Signature Blends Flavour Hacks

Signature Blends Flavour Hacks

So, you’ve picked up a bottle of one of our Club House Signature Blends. Now what? Keep reading to unlock the secrets of our favourite ways to use these powerful and versatile spice blends.

signature blends

Piri Piri –
1. Sprinkle onto sweet potato wedges, roasted veggies, flatbreads, pizza or wings
2. Give your favourite snacks, like trail mix or roasted nuts, a spicy kick
3. Perfect on grilled corn with a squeeze of lime
4. Mix with mayo for a spicy dip or sauce
5. Great on chicken; simply sprinkle on whole or chicken pieces before roasting or grilling
6. Use in meat or fish marinades

Southwest Chipotle –
7. Perfect in tacos, fajitas and quesadillas
8. Stir into guacamole or fresh salsa for a kick
9. Use in soup, sauces and salad dressings
10. Mix into your favourite black bean or beef burgers
11. Great on poached, scrambled or fried eggs
12. Sprinkle onto lightly oiled pita before baking for a crunchy snack
13. Spice up your burrito, taco or power bowls

Sriracha and Lime –
14. Stir into hummus or your favourite dip
15. Add to lettuce wraps or stir-fry for a kick
16. Perfect on chicken wings or fries
17. Great with breakfast; simply sprinkle onto scrambled, poached or fried eggs
18. Mix into meatballs or burgers
19. Add heat to your homemade veggie chips or popcorn
20. Great on grilled chicken, fish or veggies
21. Use on roasted chickpeas or nuts for a healthy snack
22. Perfect in ramen or stir-fries

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