4 Ways to Enhance Flavour with New Club House Herb Grinders

4 Ways to Enhance Flavour with New Club House Herb Grinders

Release the fresher aroma of oregano, basil and parsley! Club House Herb Grinders put a twist on fresh flavour and enhance everyday meals while cooking or at the table.

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Light and aromatic, parsley, oregano Italian and basil are versatile herbs that add essential flavour to many different cuisines.

From salads to pasta to omelets, herbs add fresh flavour to your favourite everyday meals. With Club House Herb Grinders, it’s easy to release the fresh aromatic flavour of your favourite herbs, from breakfast straight through to dinner.


Parsley is often used as a garnish; its light flavour often overlooked in favour of more fragrant herbs. But parsley is a pantry staple, and one of the most versatile herbs you can use in the kitchen – it adds burst flavour to every meal!

Try folding parsley into scrambled eggs and top with old cheddar cheese for a quick but flavourful morning dish, or add it to salads for a fresh, satisfying lunch. If it’s a classic taste you’re after, grind it into homemade pasta sauce, it’s an ingredient you can’t pass up!


Warm and acidic, the taste of oregano is a classic flavour in American-Italian cooking. But oregano is also featured in the culinary traditions from cultures across the globe and is an excellent way to freshen up classic cuts of meat and salads!

Combine it with smoked paprika and olive oil to coat over lamb for a Turkish-inspired main packed with fragrant flavour. Or take a culinary trip to the Mediterranean by grinding oregano over a Greek salad with lemon and olive oil dressing.


Sweet and savoury, the taste of basil can enhance a wide array of dishes. A featured ingredient in pesto, basil can add a peppery flavour to classic meals, but the freshness of basil can elevate even the most simple of dishes.

For a sandwich spread with a kick, grind basil into mayonnaise and mix well – it’s an easy way to add a dash of flavour to lunchtime! If you’re a fan of salads, try combining basil with olive oil for light and flavourful vinaigrette. Or simply twist the fresh flavour onto bruschetta for an easy taste boost to a favourite appetizer.

Easy to use, Club House Herb Grinders will let you enhance every meal – no matter if you’re in the kitchen or at the table!

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