About Billy Bee

Billy Bee is Canada’s Favourite Honey

Founded in 1958 as a small family operation, today Billy Bee Honey Products is Canada's largest honey business sourcing honey from producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The pure natural honey fresh from the hive is packed by Billy Bee without losing its delicate flavour, aroma and its natural goodness. Billy Bee is 100% pure and natural because no other ingredients are added. It contains no preservatives and no additives. Each batch of honey goes through rigorous quality controls in all stages of production and packaging. Only the best honey reaches the market place. Our lab technicians test each batch to ensure we give our customers the best flavour, purity, colour, texture and aroma they’ve come to expect.


Certifications and Industry Support

  • CFIA Inspected & Approved
  • GFSI SQF Level 3 Certified
  • Organic Certified (QAI & Canada Organic)
  • Certified Kosher (Cor 30)
  • Halal
  • True Source Certified

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Member of the Canadian Honey Council

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Billy Bee sponsors the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph. This supports essential and priority funding research for the health and well being of honey bee populations across the country and around the world.

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Billy Bee participates in and supports major Canadian beekeeper conferences including the Alberta Beekeeper Commission AGM & Conference, Ontario Beekeeper Association Conference, Saskatchewan Beekeeper Association Conference and Manitoba Beekeeper Association Conference.