Welcome to the Flavour Forecast 23rd Edition!

Flavour Forecast 23rd Edition welcomes the comeback of full fats (Full Flavoured Fats), French cuisine outside of the exclusive fine dining experience (Everyday French), and the multi-sensorial offerings of heat and flavour (Beyond Heat).

Complementing each of the trends, we’re pleased to share our first-ever Flavour of the Year: Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning. With influences in French cuisine, and a prominence of heat throughout, the Flavour of the Year seamlessly ties into all three trends as a bright, complex reflection of the transformation and innovation in food and flavour taking place on a global level.


Forget fancy. This is French for everyone. Grounded in the techniques and ingredients of French cooking, but more approachable than fine dining Inventive twists to dishes and drinks are inspired by classic foundational French fare, but with a personalization that adapts French technique and flavour to their own lifestyle and culture, like plant-based French and French-Asian.

Food Story: Vietnamese Cajun

Fueled by two distinct cuisines, with a deep connection across French technique and flavour, Vietnamese x Cajun is a uniquely centered trend stemming from roots in South Louisiana and Houston, with pockets emerging across the US. Meet two chefs that are pioneering this flavourful fusion. 



No longer misunderstood, consumers and chefs alike are now using fat, from butters to plants to animals, to impart mouthwatering flavour and creaminess into everyday dishes and drinks. Utilizing all formats of ingredients, including fat that might have previously been considered waste, is an added perk of this exciting return of a simple, comforting richness to the kitchen.



Heat? It’s a complex story, in the best possible way. We’ve observed trends in spicy for years and have witnessed an exciting evolution to this new, multi-sensorial, layered taste experience. Today, heat continues to push beyond the singularly spicy realm and takes off on a journey where heat and ingredient pairings come together to shape how heat is perceived and how long it lingers and finishes. Forecasted Flavours:

  • Yuzu Kosho
  • Vietnamese x Cajun Style Seasoning
  • Chongqing Mala Seasoning
  • Seeni Sambol
  • Salsa Macha
  • Tom Yum Soup Base


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