Roasted Garlic & Peppers

Roasted Garlic & Peppers

Enjoy the mild and buttery taste of roasted garlic with the sweetness of sweet bell peppers and dehydrated vegetables.

Suggested Uses

Simply the best in pasta tosses. Great in stir-fries, casseroles, tomato sauces, marinades, dressings and dips. Use as a rub on roasts, steaks, chops and poultry. Shake over grated cheese before melting on pizza, fondue, bruschetta, garlic bread, and sandwiches. Add wherever garlic is used.

Nutritional Information


dehydrated vegetables (red & green bell pepper, roasted garlic, onion, garlic)
sodium acetate
spice (including red pepper)
high oleic sunflower oil
Acetic Acid
disodium Inosinate & Guanylate
ascorbic acid
calcium silicate

Available Sizes

120 g (4 ¼ oz), 66200 00252
560 g (1 ¼ lbs), 66200 91168


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